Everest Poker has Big Value Guarantees

17 December 2010


Every week, Everest Poker offers Guaranteed Poker Tournaments packed with a high-value-per-buy-in factor. Operating on the premise that online poker players should “get more for their money”, Everest Poker features daily Guaranteed Tournaments that feature prize pools ranging from $100 to $50,000 with buy-ins as little as $.10+$.10.

I could tell you the whens and wheres and how muches, but I prefer to show you:

Everest Poker is powered by Grand Virtual software and is open to all players except those based in the United States (don’t let that dollar sign fool you).

If you’ve been following this Poker blog, you know we’ve discussed Everest Poker before, particularly when talking about their Omaha Nights tournaments. They are still offering their current promotion of a flat $200 in bonus cash, even with deposits as low as $10 (indeed, that IS a 2000% bonus match). Make sure to enter the bonus code WELCOME to score you free money.

Accepts all Players Except US Players

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