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07 December 2009


The Christmas season is here and PDC Poker would like you to join them in some Christmas cheer for prizes, cash, coupons and a swagroll!!! All through the month of December your VIP points will be tracked as each of you work through Santa’s Task List!

There is over $17,000 in prizes up for the taking! All you have to do is Activate Santa link in your player admin. This is going to be a winning month at PDC Poker!!

The kid inside of you wants to be sure to play in the Santa Swag Freeroll, with great prizes to walk away with like, electronics, cameras, coupons and much much more!!

Here is the Santa Task List and you can find on the site all about the SwagRoll!

  1. Deposit in December – Santa SwagRoll Entry
  2. Say The Secret Santa Smiley – Santa Accolade Freeroll Entry
  3. Earn 250 VIP Pts – $5.00
  4. Earn 500 VIP Pts – $5.00
  5. Win with Mr & Mrs Clause – 60c Sng Entry
  6. Earn 1,000 VIP Pts – $15.00
  7. Earn 2,500 VIP Pts – $50.00
  8. Play A $5 double-up Sng – $5.00 Sng Entry
  9. Earn 5,000 VIP Pts – $100.00
  10. Earn 10,000 VIP Pts – $200.00
  11. Earn 25,000 VIP Pts – $500.00
  12. Play 3 x Sunday $50,000 Gt – $60.00 Coupon
  13. Earn 50,000 VIP Pts – $750.00
  14. Earn 75,000 VIP Pts – $1,000.00
  15. Earn 100,000 VIP Pts – $1,000.00
  16. Play 10 x $10 double-up Sng – $109.00 Coupon
  17. Earn 150,000 VIP Pts – $2,000.00
  18. Earn 200,000 VIP Pts – $3,000.00
  19. Earn 250,000 VIP Pts – $4,000.00
  20. Earn 300,000 VIP Pts – $5,000.00

Join in the fun for the holidays at PDC Poker!!!

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