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    • 16 April 2011

      Full Tilt, PokerStars Seized in FBI Investigation

      Just when you get excited by my recent post regarding how Full Tilt is all geared up for the World Series of Poker, you go to log in or create your online poker account only to find…the website has been seized by the FBI. I wish I were joking. Today, the Department of Justice issued an indictment for Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, AbsolutePoker and eight other online poker sites on the charges of money laundering, bank fraud, and wire fraud.

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    • 15 April 2011

      Full Tilt Giving Away Fifty $10,000 WSOP Packages for FREE

      Full Tilt is pulling out all the stops when it comes to the 2011 World Series of Poker (which, you’ll see over and over is owned and managed by Caesar’s Interactive Entertainment and all of its affiliates).

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    • 14 April 2011

      Cake Poker says, "WSOP" with prize packages worth $13,000

      It’s hard to avoid the all of the World Series of Poker promotions this week, so I won’t. In fact, I’ll happily hop on that poker-playing bandwagon with a week’s worth of the best online poker qualifiers for the WSOP. We’ll start with Cake Poker, an online poker room that is serving up some pretty tasty $2,500 and $13,000 prize packages for the world’s largest poker tournament.

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    • 13 April 2011

      Where To Qualify Online for WSOP 2011

      If you’ve ever played poker online, even just for fun, your skin can’t help but tingle at the thought of the World Series of Poker. For 42 years, the WSOP has grown from just six poker players to more than 70,000 competitive entrants. This year, the 2011 WSOP dwarfs past competitions with over 58 different events and the a prize pool climbing to well over $180,000,000.

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    • 08 April 2011

      Doyles Room Poker Likes Them Apples. Literally.

      Win an Apple iPad at Doyles Room Poker this April Last week we posted about Hollywood Poker’s iPad promotion, and it looks like they aren’t alone. Doyles Room poker has also announced an April promotion involving the most coveted piece of technology since the bag phone. Just like Hollywood Poker, the Doyles Room iPad2 promotion is a leaderboard competition; online poker players looking to score will play in Sit ‘n Goes with buy-ins from $5 and up to $50.

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    • 07 April 2011

      Happy Days are Here at Doyles Room Poker

      Play in Doyles Room poker’s ring games each weekend in April and earn Double Points toward your Race to the Top  leaderboard total. The double shot is immediate and automatic, so all you need to do is keep your eyes on the $65,000 prize. Doyles Room calls the promotion “Happy Days”. We tend to agree with them. April is the last month of the Race to the Top Rake Race, the biggest leaderboard challenge in Doyles Poker history.

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    • 06 April 2011

      Bodog Poker makes WSOP Qualifying Cheap or Easy

      Bodog Poker announced the dates of its qualifying satellites for the World Series of Poker, aka “The Main Event”. Starting this week, Bodog has several daily satellite tournaments posted, and weekly tournament qualifiers will start on April 17th for those who either made it through the first round, or those willing to buy-in at a higher level. There’s a reason the title of this post mentions Bodog’s WSOP qualifiers are cheap or easy, instead of cheap and easy.

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    • 01 April 2011

      100 FREE iPad2s up for Grabs at Hollywood Poker

      If you’ve been dreaming in touch-screen, portable technology, then the Hollywood Poker iPad2 Promotion will surely get your attention. We all know about the showers that come in April, but no one could expect it would be raining Apples. How do you get the 2nd generation iPad for FREE, you ask? Easy. Just play some good ol’ fashioned online poker. Well, as “old fashioned” as online poker can get when you play at the revolutionary Hollywood Poker room.

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    • 31 March 2011

      Intertops Launches Turbo Gold Cards in April

      Earn Gold Cards twice as fast at Intertops Poker this April during their Turbo Gold Card promotion. Every day during the month of April, online poker players can build up their supply of Gold Cards at select times throughout the day: From 1:00am to 3:00am EST From 9:00am to 11:am EST From 3:00pm to 5:00pm EST Gold cards are given as a player reward at Intertops Poker, and all players are eligible to earn them–even if they fold their hand during a viable game.

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    • 30 March 2011

      Free Online Poker: How Risky Is It?

      There’s been a lot of discussion among online poker neophytes regarding playing in online freeroll tournaments, and really, why shouldn’t there be? These tournaments, offered with no buy-in yet boasting real cash prizes, seem a little too good to be true. Why would online poker rooms knowingly throw away good cash? The answer is a simple one: If they build it, online poker players will come.

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    • 25 March 2011

      Need $25,000? Play in Intertops Poker's Guaranteed Tournament this Sunday

      Intertops Poker hosts their $25,000 Guaranteed Tournament this Sunday, and every Sunday, at 5pm EST. While there is no doubt that $25K is a lot of money, it doesn’t mean you have to pay through the nose to play. In fact, Intertops Poker has organized a number of satellites for online poker players to work their way up to the big dance. Here’s what you can do: Gold Chip Satellites: You can use 22 of your Gold Chips to buy-in to the Gold Chip satellite tournaments.

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    • 23 March 2011

      Enter Shark-Free Water at Cool Hand Poker

      Boasting “No pros! No hustlers! and No sharks!”, Cool Hand Poker room is the online poker mecca of entertainment poker, or “leisure poker” as its called in non-aggressive circles. The Cool Hand poker room is where people come to hang out, learn a few things, grow their confidence and poker vocabulary, and lose their money a little more slowly. This all made possible with generous welcome and reload deposit match bonuses, starting with up to €200 free when you sign up.

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    • 17 March 2011

      Celebrate St. Pat with a Ticket to the Irish Open Poker Tournament.

      With buy-ins as low as $1.10, the Irish Open Satellite tournaments make celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a game of online poker an easy choice. Some would say it is a win-win situation, especially if you, well, win and win. The last day to claim a seat in the Irish Open Live Poker Tournament is on March 27th, 2011.

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    • 16 March 2011

      Free Cash Up For Grabs at Virgin Poker

      Every day of the week at Virgin Poker, an online poker player goes home a little richer than he or she was before. These lucky online poker players believe in leaving their player accounts a little better than when they found them, and they believe in recruiting as many players into the fold as they can so that the stakes grow and the pot widens. What sounds like a pyramid scheme is actually something a lot less sleazy and requires substantially less cologne.

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    • 10 March 2011

      Virgin Poker launches McoP with £640,000 in Prizes

      Virgin Poker announced the start of a brand new tradition in online poker: the Monthly Championships of Poker series. Over the next few months (March through June 2011), Virgin Poker will host eight 8-day events each month with a monthly prize pool of £110,000 and a bonus monthly prize pool of £50,000. To play, look for the McoP tournament series in the lobby tabs.

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    • 04 March 2011

      Cool Hand Poker is Poker for the People

      There’s been a lot of talk recently about how to make online poker more approachable, how to encourage people to feel comfortable playing at virtual tables, how to rid online poker rooms from third-party software, poker sharks (or poker sharps, if you’re grammatically inclined), and poker hustlers.

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    • 03 March 2011

      Full Tilt Poker Ups the Ante with its Black Card Program

      You’ve heard of black belts in karate. Now meet the Black Cards of the Full Tilt Poker world. Forget the red carpet, Black Card online poker players are a different kind of media royalty. Membership to this elite group includes exclusive access to the Black Card Store.

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    • 01 March 2011

      Bodog Poker: "Another Day, Another Dollar"

      Today marks the halfway point in Bodog Poker’s “Another Day, Another Dollar” promotion, where players can earn even more cash for every game they play. The more games you play during the promotional window, the more points you earn, the more cash you can win–up to $100 for doing what you would have done anyway! Starting on February 14th and going through March 15, players who earn 10 player points per day for at least 10 days will accrue additional bonus cash.

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    • 25 February 2011

      Win £1,000,000 for Free with The Everest Poker ONE Tournament

      “If you only play in one live tournament this year, this is it,” says the tournament page at Everest Poker. They’re talking about The Everest Poker ONE, a £1,000,000 live poker tournament that will be held in Monte Carlo from April 21st to April 24th, 2011. Touted as “the everyman’s live poker tournament”, The Everest Poker ONE has more ground roots qualifiers than many live tournaments half its size.

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    • 24 February 2011

      Patriots of Poker Features Tournament Transparency

      Ever wonder who actually wins online poker tournaments? Get curious about how the a guaranteed poker tournament prize was distributed? In the same vein as presidential campaigns, Patriots of Poker promises more online poker tournament transparency. And not only does Patriots of Poker promise, they also deliver. Check it out for yourself.

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    • 23 February 2011

      Tiger Gaming is Poker for the Maple Leaf

      While US-friendly online poker sites are all up in the news, we know Canadian players deserve to know their value on the felt. Enter Tiger Gaming, a Canadian-friendly online poker site that draws the line at their neighbors to the south. Not because Tiger Gaming is rude (after all, that wouldn’t be very Canadian), but because that’s just how it has to be. If you are looking for a little Canadian poker action tonight, jump into the $500 Lucky Pot tournament at Tiger Gaming for just $.

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    • 19 February 2011

      Root for the "Home Team" from PokerStars

      In a recent blog post, we mentioned how a recent “ new to online poker ” forum thread was forming around the best places to play online poker for beginners. We listed what we felt were the obvious choices for new online poker players just starting to get into cash play: Bodog, FullTilt, PDC, and PokerStars.

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    • 18 February 2011

      Top 4 Beginner Friendly Online Poker Rooms

      Making the jump from hosting poker night with friends at the kitchen table to playing by yourself online with strangers can be quite a leap. In a virtual poker setting, you don’t have the benefit of tells and the familiarity of previous experiences to guide your poker strategy and inner judgments; you have to rely more on your gut, on probability, and on the fact that the other players at your online poker table all have the same handicaps.

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    • 17 February 2011

      The Added Advantages of Poker Privacy and Protection

      I had mixed feelings when I read about Crazy Poker’s new Anonymous Texas Hold’em Tables. While they advertise this innovation as a move toward privacy and identity protection, part of me wondered if I’d be more easily duped by a poker card sharp with an impenetrable poker face and an unsuspecting avatar named Poker Player #4. Turns out the whole reason behind the Anonymous tables was to actually level the playing field.

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    • 12 February 2011

      Bodog Poker and the Little Known Facts

      How well do you know Bodog Poker? Play there often? When was the last time you took advantage of everything it had to offer? Bodog Poker is filled with daily “Hot Poker Tips” like how to play online poker tournaments and how to transition from online to land-based poker without flinching.

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    • 11 February 2011

      Purple Poker People Eater: Play for Points and Profit at Micro's Purple Lounge

      During the month of February, the Purple Lounge online poker room is hosting a series of leaderboard tournaments worth up to $5,000 to the grand prize winner. There are three separate races, including two Sit and Go tournaments in particular that you may be interested in, particularly since it won’t cost you anything extra to participate and, as hands races, these games disregard both stakes and expertise.

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    • 09 February 2011

      The "Biker Bandit": How Poker Forums Solve Crime

      The news this week is filled with the story of the capture of the Las Vegas “Biker Bandit”, the fast-walking, helmet-wearing motorcyclist who parked his bike, ran into the Bellagio, robbed a casino cage at gunpoint, and then ran out with $1.5 million dollars worth of chips on December 14, 2010. Nearly six weeks later, we see his helmet-less face all over the television.

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    • 09 February 2011

      Happy Free-bruary from Cake Poker

      Starting on February 1st and rolling through all 28 days is Cake Poker’s $200 Blackjack Freeroll tournaments. That’s once a day for 28 days that you can take a break from you online poker game and kick back with the other great online card game on the market. Not many places where you can win that kind of cash for free online, and Cake is a great place to hang out anyway. The Free-bruary Blackjack Freerolls take place every night at midnight EST.

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    • 04 February 2011

      Kamikaze Poker Tournaments: Are you all in?

      Kamikaze poker tournaments are all the rage right now, both with online poker players and those who like to experience the action live. Kamikaze poker tournaments, as the name implies, are poker tournaments where poker players are forced all-in for every every hand. These “do or die” poker tournaments take no prisoners; each player is dealt the hole cards as usual. Once the board is dealt, the winner of the table advances.

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    • 02 February 2011

      Intertops February Free-For-All: $300 and a bag of (Gold) Chips

      If you play online poker at Intertops Poker, now’s your chance to cash in on some free reload bonus money. Starting on February 4, 2011, Intertops Poker is offering a 100% reload deposit match (up to $300!) for its current online poker players plus 2 free Gold chips. This is a limited offer, ending in just four days, on February 8th.

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