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    • 01 February 2011

      Take the Poker Throne during PDC's Tourney King monthly leaderboard challenge

      At the beginning of every month, PDC Poker launches a new Tourney King promotion, a tournament leaderboard challenge that eventually culminates in a prizepool of over $20,000 in cash and prizes. In an effort to make things fair, PDC Poker has both a Low Limit leaderboard (for online poker tournaments with buy-ins less than $20, which includes all freerolls) and a High Limit Leaderboard (for online poker tournaments that have $20+ buy-ins).

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    • 29 January 2011

      Doyle's Room Poker: Goodbye Cake Poker Network, Hello Yatahay

      Doyle’s Room Poker announced today that it has left the Cake Poker Network to join the Yatahay Poker Network, a move that its press release states will deliver a “customized poker experience” for its players. As part of this customization, current players of DoylesRoom have nothing to worry about in terms of their player accounts and balances, as they have already been moved over to the Yatahay Poker Network.

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    • 22 January 2011

      New to Online Poker? Play Beginner Poker Tournaments.

      The only way to learn how to play in online poker tournaments is to play in online poker tournaments. And while the learning curve can be steep, the price of admission needn’t be. This doesn’t mean, of course, that you can become a professional poker player without investing in your education. You’ll need to play in several online tournaments and play in a lot of free and cash poker games before you’ll have the chops to compete with the big dogs.

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    • 20 January 2011

      Intertops Poker Celebrates 15 Years in Online Poker

      Intertops Poker has a lot to celebrate this year. Not only does it celebrate its 15th birthday (which is like 75 years in Internet Age), it also honors the first online wager, which it claims happened on January 17th, 1996, right on its very site. You can get in on all the hoopla at Intertops Poker by playing in one of the $1500 Guaranteed Freezeout tourneys. With only a $1.50+$.

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    • 19 January 2011

      5 Ways To Find the Best Place To Play Online Poker

      If you’ve decided to take your poker game online, you’ve probably spent some time researching the best places to play online poker. Luckily, there are a number of great, reputable, and well-serviced online poker rooms out there.

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    • 18 January 2011

      Bad Beat Bonus at Bodog: When Good Poker Hands Go Bad

      We’ve all been there. You’re playing Texas Hold’Em with a table full of online poker players you’ve never met, but still feel the need to impress. You express outward gratitude toward the God of Online Poker that no one can hear you giggle like a school girl as your hand unveils itself. Full House, Aces full of Kings. You are practically doing your victory BooYah dance when your very ballsy opponent reveals his (or her, let’s be realistic) Four of a Kind.

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    • 14 January 2011

      Doyle's Room Online Poker Gets Cocky

      And for good reason.Next Wednesday, January 9th 2011, marks the date for the Doyle’s $50,000 Bounty tournament, where online poker players can take on some of the biggest names in poker–including Doyle “Tex Dolly” Burnson–for a chance at the $50,000 top prize.For every professional poker player that gets picked off, Doyle’s Poker Room will reward $1,000 to the online poker player who took him or her out.

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    • 10 January 2011

      Online Poker Resolution #1: Pick up some free cash at PDC Poker

      If you’re resolution was to play smarter, luckier, and, well, more online poker, than your first strategy should be to take advantage of welcome bonuses whenever you get the chance. At PDC Poker, for instance, there is a welcome bonus worth up to $600–that’s a 100% deposit match up to $600, virtually doubling your money before you even pull up to the online poker table*.

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    • 09 January 2011

      Everest Poker Starts Snowball Fight for FreeRolls

      Everest Poker is now offering weekly freeroll poker tournaments that grow in both size and prize pool throughout the month. Just like with a snowball, the more players that participate, the more cash Everest Poker gives away. With  the first Snowball Freeroll guaranteeing a $2,500 prize, the money can be quite substantial in the weeks to come, especially since Everest will add $1 for every player who played in the tournament the week before, up to $7,500 per week.

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    • 07 January 2011

      Play the Irish Open Poker Tournament. Kilts Optional.

      In a Spring tradition that was started almost 30 years ago, a team from what is now part of the Cake Network jumped the pond and headed to Dublin, Ireland to compete against the best and brightest of the Irish poker players. And now it’s time to see if you have what it takes to join Team Cake in the annual battle at the 2011 Irish Open. Located within walking distance of downtown Dublin, the 2011 Irish Open will be held at The Burlington Hotel from April 22nd to April 25th, 2011.

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    • 05 January 2011

      FullTilt Poker: Bye Poker Bill, Hello Super Sit and Go Madness

      As the chances of a new online poker bill flew out the car windows of departing US senators, FullTilt Poker breathed a sigh of relief. As stated in a recent post in  Games and Casino’s industry blog titled “No Online Poker Bill a Good Thing“, we read the full ramifications of “what could have been” if the new online poker bill passed in its current (and failed) form.

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    • 30 December 2010

      TigerGaming Promotions

      Tiger Gaming claims to be Canada’s #1 online poker room. Long “ooohs” and “ehs” aside, Tiger Gaming lays a pretty attractive Welcome Bonus spread for all new players, whether they stand under the Maple Leaf or not. Right now, new players can pick their Welcome Bonus package when they determine how much they are going to deposit. Simply put, the higher the initial deposit, the higher the bonus match, tournament entries, and cashback percentage you are eligible for.

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    • 22 December 2010

      Carbon Poker's New Year's Resolution: Plant Super Money Tree

      If you’re trying to narrow down your 2011 New Year’s Resolutions, add planting a money tree to your list. And if you don’t believe in fantasy resolutions (which, who am I kidding myself, I believe in those every year), then go to Carbon Poker and plant a Super Money Tree and see what happens. In its Super Money Tree promotion, Carbon Poker is kicking of 2011 with loads of free cash.

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    • 18 December 2010

      Bodog Poker Launches its Holiday PokerFest

      Bodog Poker brings new meaning to “deck” the halls with its 14-day Holiday PokerFest promotion, starting on December 18th and going through December 31st. During those festive two weeks, online poker players can earn cash, casino chips, freeroll entries, free bets, and more. To participate, all players need to do is sign up for the Holiday PokerFest promotion.

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    • 17 December 2010

      Everest Poker has Big Value Guarantees

      Every week, Everest Poker offers Guaranteed Poker Tournaments packed with a high-value-per-buy-in factor. Operating on the premise that online poker players should “get more for their money”, Everest Poker features daily Guaranteed Tournaments that feature prize pools ranging from $100 to $50,000 with buy-ins as little as $.10+$.10. I could tell you the whens and wheres and how muches, but I prefer to show you:

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    • 10 December 2010

      Action Poker and Guaranteed Poker Tournaments

      Some things just go together naturally. Cream and sugar. Kanye West and controversy. Your neighbor and tacky Christmas lights. And guaranteed poker tournaments and Action Poker. I happened to get the itch for a little online poker tournament action and had completely forgotten exactly how many different guaranteed poker tournaments the Action Poker offered. Here’s a sample:

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    • 08 December 2010

      PPA Makes Statement Regarding Online Poker Legality

      The Poker Players Alliance issued the above press release in response to the recent media attention given the latest push for legalizing online gambling in the United States.

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    • 07 December 2010

      Play for Cash and Glory at the Hollywood Poker Points Race

      Hollywood Poker has launched a points race that appeases the ego, the wallet, and the need to play poker online: The December Points Race Jackpot. During the Points Race Jackpot, the more real money games you play, the more cash you can win. All you need to do is play as many games as possible; the players with the most points will win a share of the $1,500 Points Race Jackpot and get their names in lights on the glorious leaderboard.

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    • 02 December 2010

      Ace the Race at Purple Lounge

      It’s the second day of December, and you know what that means…the start of another Ace the Race poker competition at Purple Lounge Poker. An easy way to pump up your bankroll, Ace the Race is a hands race, which means that stakes, skill, and experience aren’t weighted as heavily as simply putting in the time and games. You won’t need to do anything special to play–no extra fees, no Excel spreadsheets, etc.

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    • 29 November 2010

      Intertops Poker puts the Free in FreezeOut Tournament

      Intertops Poker features a weekly online poker freezeout tournament with a $1,000 guaranteed pot. While you can participate via the $20+2 direct buy-in, you can also play in freeroll qualifiers throughout the week (Intertops offers them twice daily) to win a chance at a hefty slice of the pie without paying to bake it. The top three players of each freeroll get tickets to the big Sunday game.

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    • 25 November 2010

      Play Calorie-Freeroll Poker Tournies this Thanksgiving at Bodog

      Happy Thanksgiving! Eat turkey, dollop pie, and get signed up for some calorie-freeroll poker tournaments. Whether you don on stretchy pants is up to you. What started out as a 15th anniversary special in October 2009 has become a daily promotion for Bodog Poker, where players can still celebrate the two $500 Freeroll poker tournaments each day at 2:40pm ET and 9:40pm ET. (So, in case you were wondering, the best time to eat your turkey may be around 6pm today).

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    • 24 November 2010

      SunPoker Launches Holiday Promotion

      This just in from Sun Poker! SunPoker is playing Santa this holiday season and giving gifts to all poker players (good and bad) that play in 250 raked real money hands in a day. In fact, each day that players rake in 250 real money hands, they are eligible for a Present Point. For every 5 Present Points, players can grab an additional gift. The more points, the more gifts! For example, any player playing 250 raked real money hands in one day automatically gets their first SunPoker Present.

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    • 22 November 2010

      Show your support for Legal Online Poker

      Move over marijuana, online poker is sporting its own green, leafy labels for legal distribution. Buy Organic Direct, a Canada-based company, recently released this new t-shirt design to show support for all things online poker. They are certainly not alone in their efforts to both increase awareness and their own profits (hey, you’ve got to make money to bet money to win money, eh?).

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    • 19 November 2010

      Fresh Blood Welcome at Action Poker

      Whether you are new to online poker or old to the poker game in general, Action Poker invites you to join its online poker ranks. It’s more than an invitation, really, with all the perks they throw at you right off the bat. I’d say you’re doing them a favor, except that if you do know a thing or two about poker, chances are, it’s you who’d be thanking them. Action Poker welcome bonuses mean business.

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    • 17 November 2010

      BetFred Plays Poker

      Powered by Playtech software, BetFred poker sneaks under the radar of most online poker players simply because it doesn’t accept US players and it has a fairly simple website. Just because things are simple, however, doesn’t mean they aren’t affective, full of features, or fun. You wouldn’t know it to look at it, but when you play BetFred online poker tournaments, you’ll never run out of competitive online poker match-ups.

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    • 11 November 2010

      Everest Poker Brings Lights to Omaha Nights

      Every Thursday (like today), Everest Poker makes Omaha something other than one of the two towns in Nebraska (I jest, I know of a least three). At 6pm and 8pm GMT, players can take a seat at Everest’s Omaha tournaments featuring low buy-in, Pot Limit Omaha games. There’s a $1500 guaranteed prize pool at stake. Buy-ins start at $2.00 with a $.20 rebuy for the 8pm game (featuring a $500 prize value) and the 6pm game starts at $5 with a $.50 rebuy (with a $1000 prize).

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    • 11 November 2010

      Last Chance for GSOP Malta Satellites at Hollywood Poker

      This Sunday, November 14th, marks the last day for Hollywood Poker’s GSOP Satellites to the Live in Malta tournament. If you haven’t grabbed your seat yet, you can qualifiy through the scheduled poker tournaments now or, if you feel your procrastination will pay off, you can buy in directly to earn your seat in the Malta championship. The final Hollywood Poker satellite tournaments are as follows: Thursday, November 11th, 2010 Sunday, November 14th, 2010

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    • 07 November 2010

      Carbon Poker Increases its Footprint

      …And I mean that in the greenest (cha-ching) of ways. It had been a while since I had a chance to walk around Carbon Poker to see more than what its promotions and tournaments had to offer. Here’s a list of some pretty unique player features you may not be aware of: Bad Beat Jackpot: When you have quad 7′s or higher and lose (deep breath, count to 10…), you could win a portion (about 35%) of the Bad Beat Jackpot.

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    • 06 November 2010

      Unemployed? Work for Poker Stars!

      PokerStars recently announced that it has six player contracts available in Central and Eastern Europe, and they are all currently up for bid. Forget nervous interviews and sweaty neckties, if you’re right for the job, you’ll prove it in your poker play. Whether you’ve always dreamed of being a poker pro or you’re just great at poker and short on cash, the $42,000 Dream Job Tournament Series opens up doors to lifetime opportunities.

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    • 04 November 2010

      PotRaiser now a Slice of the Cake Network

      PotRaiser.com, a European-based, player-centered poker operator, can now meet its 2010 goal of expanding its customer base throughout Europe. Joining forces with Cake Network, which is widely known to be one of the poker industries premier poker networks, PotRaiser now can look ahead to 2011 with even larger prospects. In a the PotRaiser and Cake Network press release, Potraiser CEO Fredrik Rahnasto had many positive things to say about the new relationship.

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