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Extreme Lotto is an online flash game that combines Keno and Lotto and is really a lot of fun! You can keep track of your pending bets as well as your past bets and the numbers played and drawn. It's a flash game so make sure you have the connection speed to play.

With Extreme Lotto online wagering players can choose to wager on several types of bets, and those are...

  • Single number bets,
  • Multiple number bets,
  • Single color bets,
  • 9 ball bet,
  • Highs and lows,
  • Evens and odds,
  • And multicolor bets.

The minimum bet amount in the Exteme Lotto online game is 50¢.

The highest payout in Extreme Lotto is for selecting the 4 correct numbers, and the payout for this is $12,000!

Payouts on other various bets range from $2 up to $2000. Draws take place every 60 seconds and each draw consists of 6 balls being drawn from 49.

Extreme Lotto online, with Vegas Tech software, is fun, it's fast, and can be highly profitable!

The Extreme Lotto game may not be available at Vegas Tech online casinos.