Poker a Skill Game

20 August 2009

Everyone is in agreement that poker is a game of skill, at least most are. With Barney Frank’s new Bill to legalize online gambling approaching soon, he has many more supporters now than when he first started on this bill.

He is strongly supported that poker should be legal since it is a game of skill, and therefore has an even stronger case for being legal. He concluded by saying “Congress probably should fold its interference with Internet gambling, and certainly should get its ten thumbs off Americans’ freedom to exercise their poker skills online.”

I strongly agree!! It should be our choice to play poker and other games online in our own homes. Let’s all stand behind Frank to get this uncalled for UIGEA thrown out and legalize skill games as well as all other games we want to play online.

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    My dad was a degenerate gambler. The one thing he taught me was to bet on myself. If you think about it, if you bet on yourself, you only have yourself to blame.My game of choice is poker. I bet on myself. At first I lost but I needed to prove myself. I thought that was an easy task, but not now. I didn’t think others would be in the same position as me. When I took it easy, I lost. When I worked at it, I broke even. When I worked harder I started winning. That is a skill game to me!

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    Games of Skill All-rounders

    We have all been told a lot about what games of skill are. Some think that poker is gambling and not a game of skill, but it has been scientifically proven that poker is a game of skill and not a game of chance.  I found this page of game of skill All-rounders. Poker is among them.

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    First Cash Skill Games In Italy by Jadestone's GamRarena

     Skill game lovers, you can now play for cash. So test your skill and have fun doing so. January 14, 2009 (Stockholm, Sweden) – Jadestone Networks, the Nordic based online games owner and operator, today announced that its GamArena skill games – available through bwin Italy – are the first cash skill games to be legally offered in the Italian market.

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