King Kong Video Slot Pays Huge GBP230,000 Jackpot

14 August 2010

The video slot King Kong has produced another big winner as J.H. hits for GBP230,000 ($358,592). has reported that J.H, a 38 year old man who lives in London, England hit the King Kong video slot Sunday, July 25th, 2010.

The epitome of beginners luck? J.H. has only been playing at for 7 days when he hit the huge jackpot. The 25 payline video slot King Kong has bonuses and features rounds and a player can multiply their winnings 7,500 times.

J.H. has commented that, “I couldn’t believe it… I’ve only been playing for a week. It would be nice to get this every week!”

Also Itai Pazner, COO of, said in a statement: “This GBP230,000 jackpot payout is excellent news, and indicates to our players the life-changing potential of’s games. We are delighted to congratulate J.H. on his good fortune…we wish him and all our players the very best of luck at”