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    BetSoft's Alkemor's Tower slot is another installation in their Slots3 line that's based on giving players an excellent presentation with solid 3D graphics and an in-depth soundtrack. This game's theme is that of high fantasy-style magic, and the main character is the wizard Alekmor. This style of wizard is similar to that of Gandalf or Saruman from the Lord of the Rings series, but he's a bit more colorful with a little more of a humorous slant. This leads to a fun premise for a game and a more lighthearted experience for players.

    Game Format

    Alekmor's Tower uses the 243-ways format with a five-reel, three-row layout. Essentially, this turns every symbol into a left-to-right scatter. The payouts themselves are relatively flat and balanced, and when you combine that with the high hit-rate that you get from the 243-ways approach to the game, the result is smooth gameplay with a fairly low volatility overall.

    It's important to point out that the coin sizes are typical of BetSoft in the sense that they start out at $0.02 apiece, and there is no $0.01 option. This means your minimum price per spin is $0.60. You can bet in multiples of 30 coins up to 150 coins per spin, and the maximum coin size is $1. Along these lines, the maximum bet size is $150 for each turn.

    The Base Symbol Set

    For the regular payouts, there are four high-end symbols, and they're all denoted with squares around them. Alekmor is the highest, and five of a kind will get you 350x. Five of the green crystals earn 200x, five of the gold medallion scores 150x, and five of the blue and gold ring will get you a 100x payout. Unlike some titles, none of these wins occur with two of a kind, and you need three of a kind or more to get a win.

    There are four low-end symbols as well. Instead of being lazy and just using the A, K, Q and J symbols, BetSoft went with symbols that make sense for the theme. Five of the bag of gems earns 75x, and five of the mushroom will give you 50x. You can also earn 30x for five of the scroll or 25x for five of the scales balancing red and blue gems. The four lower-paying symbols are denoted with blue circles around them in this slot.

    Crafting Spells

    One of the main gameplay mechanics in Alkemor's Tower is the building of spells. You trigger a spell by picking up a spellbook on the first and second reel while adding an elemental potion on the third reel. Casting a water spell will turn all spellbooks and potions on the screen into wild symbols on the last four rows while the first payline spellbook becomes a randomly-chosen paid symbol.

    The earth spell will give you wilds on the last four reels in addition to giving you a payout for your wins and a free re-spin with all of your wilds held in place. Casting the air spell will turn the spellbooks and potion into wilds on the last four reels and randomly rearrange the rest of the symbols to give you more favorable payouts. Finally, the fire spell causes the reels to explode in flames, and you'll get a lot of extra wilds on the screen as a result.

    Overall, crafting spells in this game is a randomly-occurring wild feature that gives you a lot of value on individual spins, and it's more or less in place of a normal wild feature.

    The Nature Floor

    Alkemor's Tower has multiple floors besides the one you start on. Picking up two magic books with the third book covered in vines will take you to the Nature Floor with up to 15 bonus spins. The four low-paying symbols change to plant-based ones with better payouts, and a vine symbol on the center reel gives you instant win rewards based on the symbols placed around it.

    The Celestial Floor

    You can also make it to the Celestial Floor if you get two magic books with the third covered in the celestial seal. You'll get another set of as many as 15 free turns on this floor, and again, the low-paying symbols are all replaced with better-paying alternatives. If you pick up a black hole symbol on the second or fourth reel, then it will swallow up some of the adjacent symbols to give you instant wins.

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