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    Arrows edge around the world

    Travel has always been a theme that's gotten people excited, and the idea of going to see new places always gets players ready to go. Arrow's Edge has taken advantage of this dynamic with their Around the World slot. While it doesn't have the best graphics out there, it delivers on gameplay, and that's something that any slot player can get behind. Be warned, however, that if you really need great graphics and sounds to be interested in a title, then this game probably isn't what you're looking for.

    Game Format

    The layout of this game is pretty typical for Arrow's Edge. It uses a set of five reels with three rows and a total of 25 paylines of play. The basic betting arrangement is set up to be as easy as possible to work with by giving players direct control over the bet sizing. Instead of having to manipulate multiple values like the size of coins you want to use and the number of coins on each payline, you just pick which bet size you want on each payline directly. In this game, you can run from $0.25 to $250 in total bet sizes that correspond to betting $0.01 to $10 per payline, respectively.

    In terms of general game options, there is an auto-spin feature. However, we want to also point out that the regular spin button is located on the right-hand side of the reels. This is pretty atypical, but it allows space for the reels themselves to take up more of the screen, and it's an arrangement that makes much more sense than the standard of having it below the reels.

    Wild Symbol and Bonus Feature

    The Eiffel Tower is the wild symbol in this game, and it substitutes for everything but the scatter. This symbol is also a bonus scatter itself. Every win that uses at least one Eiffel Tower symbol will be doubled, making this a limited wild multiplier (the multipliers do not stack if you use multiple Eiffel Towers in a single combination). However, it only shows up on the middle three reels.

    Get all three Eiffel Towers on the screen at once, and you get taken to a bonus feature. You essentially get to choose three travel destinations from a map, and those destinations give you instant payouts. It's more or less a pick-a-box style of bonus feature, but it gives extra value that you wouldn't have received otherwise, so it's more than welcome.

    Top Payouts

    The largest win in the game is for five of the Great Pyramids for 5,000x. If you use an Eiffel Tower wild multiplier, then that jumps up to 10,000x. Five of the statues at Easter Island will also get you a 500x win, and five of the penguins or watch will get you a 200x win. While it's obvious that there's a bit of a drop after the top jackpot, that's pretty normal. Don't forget that you can win double the payouts if you use an Eiffel Tower wild to complete a winning combination.

    Lower Payouts

    The A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 symbols make out the lower pays. They are all color-coordinated to make it easier to tell them apart on the reels. We would have liked to see other symbols in place of these to give the game more flavor, but Arrow's Edge isn't known for putting an over-the-top amount of effort into the visual appeal of their games.

    All six of these symbols offer a top payout of 150x for five of a kind, and this jump to 300x with a wild multiplier. However, the wins for four of a kind and three of a kind are 15x and 10x, respectively, for the A and K, but they're half that size for the Q, J, 10 and 9.


    This game has some decent features, but the graphics just aren't there. This is typical of Arrow's Edge slots, so that's not too surprising. They're a good example of a company that could probably take their popularity to the next level if they were to invest a bit more time and resources into the appearances of the games because the gameplay, features and pay tables are pretty good themselves. Overall, this is a game that will appeal to players who like the features and hit-rate, but it's not a game that can really compete on an international scale with the quality of games the competition is putting out.