• Software

    RealTime Gaming
  • Type

    Video Slots
  • Reels:

  • Paylines:

Bonkers 201

This is one game you can go bonkers over, Bonkers slots. In its 3 reels and one pay line there is a progressive jackpot, choose one, two, or three coins to bet with, and actual free spins, with up to 10 to win!

Bonkers progressive slots wagering: Coin size ranges from 5 cents up to $5.00. You can play from 1 to 3 coins.

Qualify for Bonkers online slots progressive jackpot by Betting 3 coins!

The Bonkers slot next big win: Hit 3 Triple bars and win $240.00 on a $3.00 bet.

The Bonkers progressive slots jackpot: Hit 3 Red 7's and win the progressive!

Bonkers slot free spins: Once you hit two "Bonkers!" on the pay line you receive 3 guaranteed free winning spins. When you hit three "Bonkers!" you receive 10 guaranteed free winning spins. Additional free spins may not be won during your free spins.

Bonkers progressive slots jackpot note: Hitting three "red 7's" during the free spins, wins the jackpot, will end the free re-spins, and return you to regular play.