Costume Party

  • Software

    Rival Gaming
  • Type

    Classic Slots
  • Reels:

  • Paylines:


Costume Party slots have 3 reels and 3 vertical paylines with horizontal spinning action, eight characters, and a wild helps form winning character combinations awarding up to 5400 coins!

Costume Party slot is one of Rival’s newest horizontal spinning slot games, going live on May 28th 2013, where body parts from eight different characters must line up properly to win payouts.

Costume Party slots Wagering.

Offers a wide range of betting options, with coin sizes ranging from $0.01 to $5.00 and a choice of one, two, or three coins (or characters) per active line.

While playing all three paylines in Costume Party, wagers will range from $0.03 (with 3 characters) to the max bet of $45.00 per game (with 3 characters and 3-$5.00 coins).

Costume Party online slots Pay Table.

The Costume Party pay table has a variety of eight different characters, with three different parts for each character; the head, the body, and the legs. You must match the proper head, body, and legs of at least one character to win a payout.

When a full character is formed by its proper body parts, the game scene changes, and then the character will do his or her personal little dance on a stage.

You may be more inspired by the characters dancing, than your actual game wins.

Costume Party slots Wild symbol.

Is the Body of an Ape symbol, which is also different from the other eight character’s body parts:

  • The Body of an Ape symbol will appear between the head and the legs of other characters.
  • In order for the Wild to complete a winning combination, forming one of the eight characters, the head and legs must match.

Although it may look funny, for, let’s say, the Hero (Wonder Woman) to be matched up by an apes body; if that’s what it takes to win coins, so be it.

Play Costume Party slot game and enjoy your wins, when body parts come together and dance!