• Diamond Dazzle

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    Classic slots don't get as much attention overall as their video counterparts in today's industry. Rival Gaming, however, likes to use all kinds of different formats for their titles, and that's why their Diamond Dazzle game is so characteristic of them. It's a classic slot that offers players a bit of fast-paced action and lots of different ways to get paid with various combinations.

    Format and Layout

    This game uses three reels with a single payline. However, symbols can land "half" of a spot away from the payline, and this creates the potential for scatter payouts like the ones we'll cover below. There are a number of different gems that show up on this game, and that's what the theme is based around. Players can bet between one and three coins per spin, and the coin sizes range from $0.01 to $10 apiece. This puts the play at between $0.03 and $30 per spin if you play with max coins, which you should to get the best payout rate available.

    Note: Because it's best to play with three coins, all of the payouts that we're going to list are based on playing with all three coins activated. If you play with fewer, your payouts will be more than proportionately lower, and you'll get a lower percentage payout rate as a result.

    Diamond Symbols

    The main three symbols are three different sizes of diamonds. The large diamonds pay 600x for three of a kind, and the medium ones pay 60x. You can get a 30x pay for three of the small diamonds as well. With that having been said, there are several other payouts available using these three symbols, and this is something that drives a majority of the regular gameplay.

    For example, if you get the three diamond symbols in order from smallest to largest (left to right), you'll get a nice 90x payout. Get all three symbols (one of each) in any other order for a 30x win. Finally, any other combination of the three symbols, even if it uses two of one with one of another, gets a 15x win. That means there are a lot of different ways to win with just these three symbols.

    Gem Symbols

    There are five different gem symbols, and we're going to note them by color. The red gem pays 450x for three of a kind, and the orange gem awards players 300x. It's 240x for the green ones, 180x for the blue ones and 120x for the purple ones. All of these are pretty sizable payouts. What you'll find here is that there are also smaller pays for different combinations.

    For example, if you get any three gems in a mixed combination, then you get a 9x payout. This happens regardless of which gems you get and what order they go in, but they have to be of these five colored gem symbols. Mixing in diamonds or scatters in this Rival game won't help you.


    It might seem strange to have a scatter symbol on a one-payline classic slot, but they count in this game by showing up anywhere on the playing field. This basically means they can show up "half" a symbol spot off from the main payline. The scatter is the black diamond symbol.

    Three of a kind for the scatters give you a whooping 1,500x, which is the largest payout in the game. Two will pay 21x, and just one gives you a 3x win. It's pretty cool that you can get one of these symbols anywhere on the reels (even if it's not on the payline) and be awarded a 3x payout.


    No one who plays Rival slots expect to get an award-winning visual experience. However, the gameplay of Diamond Dazzle is pretty solid because they have so many different ways to win with just a handful of symbols. If you're all about getting a ton of action instead of wanting flashy visuals, then this is a game that you'll probably get a lot of fun out of.

    However, if you're looking for free spins features and other bells and whistles, then this probably isn't a game that you'll enjoy very much. Overall, this is a game that some people will really love as long as it fits in with the type of experience that you're looking to have.

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