• Double Double Bonus Poker

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    Double double bonus poker

    Double Double Bonus Poker Highlights

    Double Double Bonus Poker uses a 52 card deck for each hand, where you can play from one to fifty hands, and a jackpot of x400 payout with four Aces and 2-4 in one hand! Double Double Bonus online poker is a Slotland video poker game and the mechanism behind it may be the same as a slot game.

    Double Double bonus video poker wagering.

    Allows players to make various coin adjustments starting at just 10¢ per hand, with these coin sizes; $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $0.75, $1, $2, $3 and $5. Playing all fifty hands at 10¢ per hand will be a $5 bet.

    The Double Double Bonus Poker hand amounts that can be played are; 1 hand, 3 hands, 5 hands, 10 hands, 25 hands and 50 hands of video poker.

    See the Double Double Bonus Poker payoff chart (pay table) for hand payouts.

    Double Double Bonus Poker game's maximum payout, or its jackpot, comes with 4-Aces and a 2, 3, or 4; to win 400x the wager!

    Double Double Bonus Poker - How to Play.

    The first thing you want to do in Double Double Bonus Poker is choose your coin amount, from $0.10 to $5.00, by selecting the "+" or "-" button under the chip, on the left side of the "DEAL" button (it's the big orange button).

    Secondly, select the amount of hands you wish to play, from 1 hand to 50 hands, by using the "-" or "+" button under the numbers; to the right of the "DEAL" button.

    An arrow will point to the next number and that number will be highlighted.

    The amount of hands and the "Total Bet" will be displayed on the Double Double Bonus Poker game screen, just above the Deal button. Be sure you don't bet more than you can play with.

    Double Double Bonus Poker Playoff Round.

    Double Double Bonus Poker Playoff Round can be played after you win the same or more than you're initial bet amount.

    You can select the "Double" button (the yellow one) to begin the playoff round. You can double your wins with each round played.

    If you choose to play the Playoff Round, here's how it works:

    • Five new cards will be dealt.
    • The first card will face up and the remaining 4 faced down (Ace is the highest, 2 the lowest).
    • Choose one of the four cards facing down.
    • If you pick a card higher in value than the first face-up card, you double your wins!
    • If you pick a card of the same value as the first card it's a "tie".
    • If you pick a card lower in value than the first card, you lose your wins and the game ends.

    You can play the Double Double Bonus video poker game up to five times as long as you win each time. In the case of a "tie", you can choose to keep your prior wins or play again and try to double your wins again. If you lose on your first card choice, the Playoff Round will end.

    Play Double Double Bonus Poker at Win A Day Casino, get four Aces and a 2, 3, or 4, and win the jackpot of 400-times the bet!