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    BetSoft stands out for two things in the online slot world. First, they were one of the first companies to really focus on providing high-quality graphics for their games. Second, they push the envelope when it comes to the features they offer. The Event Horizon slot is a good example of both of these factors since it combines great graphics and visuals with a set of features that really enhances the overall gameplay.

    Bet Sizes and Game Format

    Event Horizon uses the 243-ways format with five reels and three rows. This turns every regular symbol in the game into what basically amounts to a left-to-right scatter symbol. Coins start at $0.02 each in typical BetSoft fashion, and they go up to $0.25 apiece. You'll need to bet in increments of 25 coins per spin, so you can bet with 25, 50, 75, 100 or 125 coins at a time. This gives the game a total betting range of $0.50 to $31.25 per turn, a range that will cover just about everyone except the tip-top bit of high rollers.

    Symbol Set and Payouts

    The symbols used in this game are kind of a cross between classic slots and modern video slots. The glowing sphere that looks kind of like a black hole is the wild symbol, and it doesn't have its own special payouts. Aside from that, there are basically four tiers of symbols with two or three symbols in each tier.

    In the top tier are the lucky red seven and the bell. The seven pays 1,000x for five of a kind, 250x for four of a kind or 50x for three of a kind. With the bell, the payouts are 500x for five, 150x for four and 30x for three.

    The second tier consists of the bar symbols. Three bars gives 400x for five, two bars give 250x for five and one bar also gives 250x for five. All of these symbols listed pay for three of a kind or more.

    The third tier of symbols includes the red cherries, the green A symbol and the yelow K symbol. All three of these symbols have the same payouts of 40x for five of a kind, 15x for four of a kind and 4x for three of a kind.

    Finally we have the bottom tier with the purple Q, the orange J and the blue 10. Like the third tier, the fourth tier symbols all pay out the same amounts. This comes to 25x for five of a kind, 10x for four of a kind and 3x for three of a kind.

    Event Horizon Feature

    Event Horizon is actually a science term that basically just means the point of no return, and that's where you'll be when the main feature of this game triggers. This feature is based on reels syncing up, and it can be anywhere from two to five of them. This feature happens on every spin, and you'll see adjacent reels sync up to include the same symbols on each corresponding row. This means that you're getting better chances to hit multi-line wins, and the chances of hitting even single-line wins increases. What's more is that you can end up with guaranteed wins sometimes depending on which reels sync up.


    When it comes to BetSoft-powered slots, one thing is for certain: They always bring an entertaining experience. While there are no free spins or second-screen features in this game, everything is centered down to one high-action feature. Along these lines, this game is going to work out really well for players who like to get in a lot of action inside of a fairly short period of time. However, this high level of action may tire out some players who would prefer to just sit back and relax. While that's not necessarily a weakness or disadvantage, it does speak to how good the hit-rate is in this game and how you'll expect a lot of quick wins with the reels syncing up like they do.

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