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    Stock car racing is a sport that's primarily popular in certain regions of the United States, but people from all over the world race cars under different conditions and with different rules, and that's why the Fast Lane Freddie online slot appeals to such a large audience. This game, powered by Arrow's Edge, offers players a chance to experience all of the action that racing brings. From the choice of features to the hard-hitting rock soundtrack, this game creates the right atmosphere for the theme it uses.

    Format and Betting

    Like most video slots, this game uses five reels and three rows. There are 30 paylines, which gives this game a somewhat atypical format since there aren't many games around these days that use this number of paylines (most go for 25 since it creates more even bet sizes). Along these lines, the betting range goes from $0.30 to $240 per spin. It's worth noting that, like all games from this software developer, there aren't coin sizes and a different number of coins on the paylines like there are in most games. Instead, you select a bet size for your whole spin, and that's what you pay per spin with wins based on how much is being bet per payline.

    Random Jackpot

    The first thing that players should notice is that there's a progressive jackpot listing in the bottom-right corner. Keeping all paylines activated gives players a chance to win this jackpot on any given spin. There is no particular winning combination required, and you can win on any spin provided that you have all of the paylines activated. This is a cool way to add extra value to the game with a big top prize.

    Wild Features

    There is no regular wild symbol in this game. However, there are two wild features that are pretty important and that offer a lot of chances for big value. The first is the full wild, and you get that when Freddie shows up on the third reel. This will cover the whole reel, and that gives you extra chances to win on all 30 paylines.

    If you get the pit symbol on the top of any reel, then you get the Pits Feature. This shoots a set of wilds downward and turns both of the bottom symbols in the reel into 2x wild multipliers. The symbols themselves are wild, and you get double the payout for any winning combination that's created using those wilds.

    Regular Symbols

    Four major symbols are on the reels. Freddie pays 500x for five of a kind, and his opponent David gives you 500x as well. Jane gives players a 200x payout for five of a kind, and picking up five of the racing woman Skylar gives you a solid 100x win. What's important to realize is that these payouts are put on a scale that limits your volatility, so even though there's not a huge top payout here, those honors are held by the progressive jackpot.

    The A, K, Q, J, 10 and finish line symbols are the low symbols in this game. For five of a kind, the A pays 75x, the K gives 50, Q's get you 50x, J and 10 are 35x and the finish line is 20x. The symbols are stylized in a way that shows that they didn't just throw the concept for this online slot together out of nowhere.

    Passing Race Feature

    Three of more of the bonus symbol gets you in position to take on the opposition in Freddie's race car. You'll get chances to overtake your opponents one at a time by moving your car on the screen with the arrow keys. Each opponent you successfully pass will give you a payout, and all of the wins are added together for a single prize paid at the end of the feature.

    Drag Race Bonus Feature

    If you hit the right combination of the two drivers and the scatter on three consecutive reels, then you'll be taken to a drag strip. You get to pick between the two drivers who will then have a drag race. You'll get a payout regardless of the results, but if you pick a winner, then you'll get a bigger win. This is a cool extra feature, though it doesn't necessarily fit with the NASCAR theme, since that's a different type of racing.