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    You never thought that the rheumatism you suffer from would ever be of any benefit other than telling you when some form of precipitation would occur.

    Well think again. Welcome to Four Cast, a unique slot game of predicting which cards will be dealt and by correctly predicting you can win up to 50%, 100% or the jackpot!

    In Four Cast, you will be dealt 4 cards face down at the start of the round. You must simply choose the suit and/or value of the card to be turned over.

    If you choose correctly you can collect your winnings or continue predicting for a chance of increasing your winnings. By successfully predicting the third or fourth card you will increase your winnings by 50 or 100%!

    Choosing the correct value of the card will earn you 2x your bet. Choosing the correct suit will earn you 3x. If you correctly choose the value and the suit you will increase your bet 8x.

    If you complete the round by correctly choosing the value and suit of all four cards you win the jackpot! The bet limits in Four Cast range from 1.00 credits to 10.00 credits.

    So if you’re one of those people blessed with an accurate gut feeling, or if the ole knee aches just before it rains, you may as well put these attributes to good use in the exciting prediction game of Four Cast. My gut tells me you will be glad you did!

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