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    Certain stories have become classics that we look to as the basis for many types of literature, video games, movies and other forms of media. The story of Frankenstein is one such story, and in Frankenslot's Monster by BetSoft, the story is told across a set of reels. The first thing players will notice about this game is that the graphics are absolutely outstanding, and it's right up there in terms of visual presentation with the best titles that BetSoft has ever released. In spite of this, they don't rest on their laurels over the graphics, and instead, they offer a completely solid gameplay experience with multiple features and a balanced pay table.

    Slot Format

    The format is common enough: five reels, three rows and 20 payline. Betting is achieved through two controls. Players can choose up to five coins per payline, and they can also choose coin sizes ranging from $0.02 to $1 apiece. It's characteristic of BetSoft to not offer a $0.01 coin size, but it doesn't affect much here since the minimum bet per spin is still $0.40, which is plenty small enough for virtually every type of player out there. It's made even more affordable by the fact that this game has a very reasonable volatility, so the swings won't really get out of hand.

    Payout Schedule

    In the story, the monster and Frankenstein are the two most important characters. A lot of people think the monster's name is Frankenstein, but that's not true: It was the name of the doctor who created the monster. BetSoft (read more) has done a good job of making that distinction in this slot. In any event, the monster is the highest-paying regular symbol with 500x available for five of a kind. A strong second-highest regular win of 400x is also available for five of the doctor. Five of the night sky earns 300x, and five of the eyeball in the jar will pay out 200x. You can also earn 150x for five of the electrical device.

    In terms of the top payouts available, it's worth pointing out that four monsters gets you 250x and four of the doctor earns 200x. Three monsters or four of the eyeball in the jar both get 100x wins, and this rounds out all of the three-figure payouts available for line bet wins from normal symbols.

    Stylized versions of the A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols round out the lower end of the pay table, and they're structured in a way that makes it easy to remember the payouts for this slot (more here). Five of the A earns 100x, five of the K gets 80, five Q's wins a payout worth 60x, you'll get 40x for five of the J, and the payout for five of the 10 symbol is 20x. These are all escalating multiples of 20x.

    Wild symbols also show up on all five reels. The largest regular win is 1,000x for five of a kind, though you can also earn 500x for four and 200x for three, as long as a higher win for four or five of a kind isn't available.

    Bonus Features

    There are two key bonus features in this game. First, you can get three of the scatters (on the second, third and fourth reels only) to get a set of 8 free spins. Second, you can line up three of the bonus symbol on the first, third and fifth reels to try to put together Frankenstein's monster and win instant payouts. Players can earn up to 25 times their total bet in this feature, which is on the same level as a 500x line bet win, and that's clearly a pretty sizable win.


    Overall, Frankenslot's Monster is a pretty solid game. It has outstanding graphics and sound, and while the free spins feature is a little generic, the feature based around trying to shock the monster into being alive really fits into the overall theme. We would have liked to see a feature that was a bit more interactive or something a little more atypical that fit into the theme, but it's hard to find much wrong with this game overall. It's presented in an extremely strong way, and the gameplay is solid as a whole.

    By Jesse Eddleman

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