Global Cup Soccer

  • Software

    Rival Gaming
  • Type

    Classic Slots
  • Reels:

  • Paylines:

Global cup1

Where else can you play a football-styled game and get paid in the process? Well, it looks like that'll be Global Cup Soccer slots, with its 3 reels, 1 payline, and with one ball or one trophy you will get a coin back, or five. Get a jackpot amount of 2500 coins when five soccer-players hit the line with a three coin bet!

Global Cup Soccer slots will give you nine symbols to collect coins from, as long as they're in the right combination and land on the payline. The Referee is the highest paying in Global Cup Soccer, and he earns the right to be, with a 2500 coins payout on max coins bet.

The wagering in Global Cup Soccer slots.

Can be adjusted to fit any gamers needs; with adjustable coin sizes ranging from $0.01 up to $5 and coin amounts are 1, 2, and 3, and are easy to track in the soccer pay table columns. The max bet in Global Cup Soccer slots is $15 per game.

In Global Cup Soccer slots, the soccer ball is the most active symbol, and again just like in a real game, where just one of them on the payline (in the net) will give your coin/s back:

  • Two soccer balls will give you x5 payout when landing on the payline.
  • Three soccer balls have a 200 coin pay with a 1 coin bet,
  • Or 400 coins with a 2 coin bet,
  • Or 600 coins while betting 3 coins, or the max coin bet.

The bars in the Global Cup Soccer slot game also play an important role, if you get any of the 1 bar, 2 bar, or 3 bar symbols on the payline you get x5 coins back.

And the same goes for the bronze, silver, or gold trophy symbols; three of any on the payline will pay slightly more, with x10 coin pay.

Play Global Cup Soccer slots today and go for the 2500 coin jackpot!