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    If you're looking for an innovative and exciting online slot machine that you haven't played before, we highly recommend trying a few spins on the Gypsy Rose slot machine by Betsoft. All Gypsy Rose slots feature 5-reels and 30-paylines, which provide you with several different ways to win on each and every spin.

    Available exclusively online, the Gypsy Rose slot machine is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end and as you continue reading through our review below, we'll tell you precisely why we think you'll thoroughly enjoy playing the Gypsy Rose slot machine from the comfort of your own home.

    Gypsy Rose Slots Wagering.

    One of the first things that most casino players want to and ought to know about the Gypsy Rose slot machine is that it is available in denominations ranging from 0.02 to 0.50.

    On any given spin, you can wager anywhere from 1 to 5 coins per payline, which means that you can bet anywhere from 0.02 to 150.00 credits on a single spin. This is actually a pretty impressive range and it's a perfect example of why the Gypsy Rose slot machine is the perfect casino game to play for casino players with any size budget.

    Gypsy Rose Wild Card Toss.

    The Gypsy Rose slot machine features wild symbols that can appear on the first and last reels on any given spin. This in and of itself is a pretty neat feature, but it gets even better because of the Wild Card Toss feature that can be activated if two wild symbols appear opposite of one another on the first, second, or third paylines.

    When this feature is activated, Rose will add wild symbols randomly on the reels in order to give you a chance to boost your winnings. This feature actually triggers quite often, so don't be surprised to generate some serious winnings thanks to this feature while playing the Gypsy Rose slot machine.

    Gypsy Rose Crystal Ball Features.

    Although the Gypsy Rose slot machine is loaded with tons of great features, the absolute best features in our opinion are the Crystal Ball features. These features are triggered whenever the Crystal Ball symbol appears on an active payline in the middle reel and two matching symbols appear on either side of it.

    Which symbols appear on either side of the Crystal Ball determine which feature is triggered. The four features are the Love Potion Free Spins feature, the Crow Wild and ReSpin feature, the Magic Book Instant Win feature, and the Tarot Card Bonus Round.

    The Love Potion Free Spins feature awards you with, as you've probably already guessed, free spins. This is true even if you are already in the free spins mode (meaning that this feature can be retriggered).

    During your free spins, Wild Card Magic can be activated in any combination so long as a wild symbol appears on the first and last reels at the same time.

    When the Crow Wild and ReSpin feature is triggered, the two crow symbols used to trigger the feature become wild symbols. You are then awarded a respin with all of the current wild symbols held in their positions. Winnings from the respin are then paid accordingly.

    The Magic Book Instant Win feature is pretty much just like it sounds. When this feature is triggered, you are instantly awarded with a cash prize of up to 20x your bet.

    The Tarot Card Bonus Round feature is by all accounts the most lucrative of the four Crystal Ball features. When triggered, you will be required to choose 7 different tarot cards and will be awarded prizes based on the matching colors and matching characters that you selected. You can win anywhere from 1 to 10 times your game bet, plus a multiplier of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

    Gypsy Rose Double Up Mini Game.

    What's interesting about the Gypsy Rose slot machine is that it allows you to attempt to double your winnings much like a video poker game. For example, whenever you have a win that doesn't include a bonus feature, you can elect to enter the double up mini game where you must decide whether you think a coin will land on head or tails.

    If you guess correctly, you win and your winnings are then doubled, but if you guess incorrectly you forfeit your original winnings. You can continue to double your winnings over and over again, which means that you can actually win a pretty penny if you're lucky of enough to continue to make the correct predictions.

    Gypsy Rose Maximum Jackpot & Payouts.

    The maximum jackpot on the Gypsy Rose slot machine, aside from any cumulative bonus feature winnings, is 5,000 credits per payline. In order to win the maximum jackpot, you'll need to collect five wild symbols on a single payline.

    And because you can do this on more than one payline, the total maximum jackpot that can be won on a single spin on the Gypsy Rose slot machine is 336,000 credits. If you think about it, that's an incredible amount of money, which is more than enough motivation for most players to consider trying their luck on this great game.

    The other payouts that are available on the Gypsy Rose slot machine are pretty standard. The lowest symbols are the 10-A symbols, which can pay anywhere from 45 to 90 credits per payline if you manage to collect five of the same symbols on a single payline.

    The other four symbols on the Gypsy Rose slot machine, besides the wild symbol, are the Crow, Spell Book, Rose, and Love Potion symbols. These symbols can pay anywhere from 150 to 300 credits per payline if you're able to collect five of the same symbols on a single payline.

    If we're being completely honest though, the real reason why most casino players try their luck on the Gypsy Rose slot machine is because of the multiple bonus features that can be triggered while playing this casino game. So if you think you have what it takes to trigger one of the features, we certainly urge you to try your luck on the Gypsy Rose slot machine today.

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