Metal Detector

  • Software

    Rival Gaming
  • Type

    Video Slots
  • Reels:

  • Paylines:

Metal1Metal 20detector 20bonus 20roundMetal 20detector 20freeMetal 20detector 20paytable

Metal Detector slots have 5 reels and 15 pay lines, with two types of scatters, where one can give bonus rounds and the other free spin games! Metal Detector slot is sure to find some buried treasure for you.

Metal Detector online slots wagering accepts coins from a penny up to a dollar, this way you can play everything from 1 cent all the way up to 75 dollars a spin.

Metal Detector Scatters & Free Spins.

Metal Detector slot also features two different scatter icons. If you receive 3 of the same one in any order you will be taken to a bonus round.

The first scatter is the man symbol, 3 of these will send you to the dig bonus round...

Here you will get to pick a number of free spins and another that will multiply all of your free spins. You can rack up a lot of coins this way!

The other scatter is the map icon, three of these will prompt the treasure map bonus round.

All Metal Detector slots pay lines pay left to right except for the scatter symbols which can pay anywhere. The treasure chests, coins, and diamond rings are worth the most, these can fetch up to 1000 coins when matching five.

Metal Detector slot patterns are laid out the in the pay table section, you can see all the different orders to win and how much every symbol is worth.

Set up the Metal Detector slots auto feature and the machine will do all the work for you. You can even have it quit playing once you have reached a set amount of money.

Metal Detector slot has lots of cool features and a fancy little opening scene, try it out.