Pinata Fiesta

  • Software

    Wager Gaming
  • Type

    Video Slots
  • Reels:

  • Paylines:

Pinata 20fiesta 201Pinata 20fiesta 202Pinata 20fiesta 203Pinata 20fiesta 204

Piñata Fiesta slots have 3-reels and 1-payline, that incorporates a bonus game into its reels for extra wins! Let's have a fiesta! Piñata Fiesta that is!

Piñata Fiesta online slots Wild symbol.

If you have a winning combination that includes the Wild symbol sombrero, the win is multiplied:

  • 1 Wild symbol makes all wins multiplied x2.
  • 2 Wild symbols make all wins multiplied x4.
  • Line up all 3 sombreros you win 2400 coins which on maximum $10 bet is $24,000!

Piñata Fiesta slots Bonus feature.

Is triggered by the Bonus symbol and is activated on the 3rd reel with a max 3-coin bet. Line up the bonus symbol on the payline activates the bonus game screen:

  • Choose a Piñata Fiesta slot character to hit the piñata.
  • Once the piñata has been broken, choose a piece of candy to reveal the bonus amount won.
  • You can keep that amount or choose again.
  • You have three tries to increase your bonus amount.

The Piñata Fiesta slots bonus game is what makes the one payline game fun to play. They show up on a regular basis and really help to increase your bank roll.

I like playing Piñata Fiesta slots, but that's just me. I'm always ready for a good party!