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    If you're a fan of games that go into a lot of depth with the theme they're based on, then the Pinnochio slot by BetSoft is a game you'll want to check out. It's a great example of BetSoft's high-quality graphics (read more) bringing one of the best visual experiences that you can get in the industry while staying true to a story that's been told in several different mediums. You'll have no shortage of bonus features and extra play modes in this game, and with the amount of depth you'll find on the reels, it won't be surprising if you end up getting more replay value out of this slot than most.

    Game Basics

    This game follows a familiar format with five reels and three rows, which is just like most video slots running today. It uses 15 paylines, a somewhat atypical number though not unheard of. BetSoft gives you the option to play with fewer paylines, but it's best if you keep them all activated in terms of getting access to all of the features. In terms of bet sizes, you'll have up to five coins bet on each payline with coins that run as low as $0.02 apiece. The highest coin size is $1, and with five coins per payline, that gives you a bet size of $75 at the maximum end.

    Payout Breakdown

    There are basically ten different regular symbols in this game. The bottom five are the A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols. The purple A symbol gives you 100x for five, and you'll get 100x for five of the red K as well. The Q symbol is blue for 60x, and this is the same payout you'll get with the J (in green) and the 10 (in silver). As far as online slots (click here for more) go, these are reasonable wins for the bottom end of the pay table.

    Additionally, you get 500x for five of Pinnochio. The 200x level has two symbols that get this prize for five of a kind: the puppet show poster and the symbol of the cage with Pinnochio hanging in it. There's also a wooden tool for 150x when you get five, and the clock also earns a 150x payout for five of a kind.

    Game Worlds and Modes

    There are two game modes and three worlds that this game can happen in. The first game mode you start in is based on being a wooden boy. When you collect three of the real boy symbol, you'll switch over to the other game mode where the wooden Pinnochio becomes a wild real boy Pinnochio. This game mode continues until you get three of the wooden boy symbols, and play switches back to the previous mode accordingly.

    The three game modes are the workshop (where you start) the classroom and the stage. These three modes have their own scatters: Gepetto, books and a wagon, respectively. They all show up on the first, middle and last reel only, and they all pay out 30x for two on the reels and 150x for three on the reels at the same time.

    To access the extra stages, you'll need to collect 10 of the wagon or books symbols to access the stage or the classroom, respectively.

    Re-spins and Wild Scrolls

    On certain spins where you don't win, a fairy will come along and offer a free re-spin on certain reels. This is called the fairy awesome re-spins feature, and it's based around situations where the first, middle or last reel will have kept you from hitting a five of a kind win. It's basically a free shot at some of the biggest wins in the game, and it's an interesting way to add value that ties into the game's theme and story.

    Another important feature is the wild scroll feature. It can be triggered in different ways in each of the three worlds, but the idea is that you'll get wilds that move across the screen with free re-spins. You'll get several free chances to win with this, and it's basically the Pinnochio version of free spins without just giving players a boring free spins bonus feature with multipliers or something similar.

    Our Verdict

    The graphics of this game are extremely good, and they're up there with some of the best that BetSoft has ever produced, and that's saying something. The game is also extremely in-depth in terms of offering multiple stages and modes of play, so there's a lot of different ways to win in different parts of play. Overall, it's a truly excellent game.

    By Jesse Eddleman

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