Reel Crime 1 Bank-Heist

  • Software

    Rival Gaming
  • Type

    Video Slots
  • Reels:

  • Paylines:

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Reel Crime slots have 5-reels and 15-lines as an i-Slot game, with bonus rounds, free spins, and different scatters that activate different bonuses.

Reel Crime slot game is the second of many I-Slot games available. These games are fun; there are so many different variations you don't just get into a spin and win, spin and lose mode of play.

Reel Crime i-Slots wagering.

15 paylines where you can play anywhere from 1 to 15 and bet as little as 1¢ per line or a much as $1 per line, but be sure to play all 15 lines for best payout results and to take advantage of the many bonus features available in this game.

Reel Crime Scatters & Stages.

Reel Crime slot has 4 different stages; The Plan, In the Bank, On the Run, and Dynamite and all have different scatter symbols to trigger them, and 4 different scenarios from each stage.

Reel Crime Free Spins.

The Reel Crime slots dynamite symbol is the trigger for free spins. 2 symbols give 1 free spin, 3 symbols give 5 free spins, and 4 symbols give 10 free spins. But if you get 5 symbols, you'll win 25 free spins with a 5X multiplier!

Reel Crime slot is an in-depth game with many twists and turns. Once you complete a stage, you aren't done with that bonus game. There's always a result.

Either you got away or you're on the run. Once you're on the run, the policeman catches you or you get away. If you get away, you either blow up the bank or get caught.

Reel Crime i-Slots are a great game to play!