• Reel of Fortune

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    Reel Of Fortune slots, with 5 reels and 20 pay-lines, you can win two different bonus rounds, one is a chip-drop, and the other is a donkey-finding game for extra coins!

    The Reel Of Fortune slot game has a little piece of every day life thrown into it; with barbecues, blenders and boats, or watch the television if you like while the washing machine is set on spin.

    Welcome to the Reel Of Fortune slot game, where you have a chance to grab a bit of fortune yourself.

    If the television starts to get boring, jump on the scooter with the gulf clubs for some tee time, and don’t forget to bring the refreshments from the refrigerator.

    After a few rounds with your golf clubs, take a spin in the little sports car over to the motor home to get ready for a great weekend or vacation.

    After hitting the road in the motor home you find two notes.

    These notes are telling you that you have two bonus rounds while playing the Reel Of Fortune slot game, and all it takes is either 3 Plunko Scatter icons or 3 Curtain Scatter icons anywhere on the 5 Reels to start a bonus round.

    Reel Of Fortune Plunko Bonus Round.

    Starts, after 3 Plunko icons appear in the game, and then you click on the Bonus button. The Plunko bonus screen will appear with a button at the top that will activate the bonus round when you click on it.

    After clicking on it a Plunko chip with a $ sign will appear at the top of the screen.

    Move your cursor over the Plunko chip, and then move it to the left or to the right, to position it where you would like to drop the Plunko chip.

    Once you have picked the desired spot to drop the Plunko chip, left click on the Plunko chip to release it or to drop it.

    Once the Plunko chip reaches the brake line, past half way down, it will stop. You will then have a choice to drop it to the left or to the right.

    To get the chip to drop left, simply left click on the left arrow and to get the chip to drop to the right, click on the right arrow, and then it will continue on down to the bottom of the Plunko game board.

    The object of the Plunko bonus round is to get the Plunko chip to drop in the middle at the bottom of the game board to receive the highest payout of 10,000.

    Reel Of Fortune Donkey Bonus Round.

    Reel Of Fortune slots Donkey Bonus Round starts after 3 curtain icons appear in the game and show the "$" sign, and then you click on the Bonus button. The Donkey Bonus screen will appear with 3 doorways, two showing cash bags and one showing a donkey, and then the curtains will drop.

    Now here comes the tricky part, click on the curtain where you think there is a money bag hiding. If the curtain raises and the donkey shows up with a big grin on its face, the bonus round is over with a nice parting gift for playing.

    But, if you find a money bag behind the curtain you will get a slightly larger sum of credits, the curtains will raise showing where the donkey was hiding and then close again, giving you another chance to pick another curtain with a hidden money bag.

    How many curtains will you pick with the money bags behind them? If you can get through picking more than 5 curtains without a donkey surprise, you are doing really good and raising your fortune in the process.

    Give the Reel Of Fortune slot game a spin to find out how high you can make your fortune.

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