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    Rival Gaming is known for putting a bit more emphasis on classic slots than many other developers, and they've historically made this work for them by focusing on atypical themes and strong gameplay. This is the case with Dollars to Donuts, an online slot that uses a classic format and a donut-based theme. We can't say we can remember ever seeing a slot themed after donuts, so they definitely get points for originality. The gameplay of this slot is pretty solid overall, and it's geared towards balancing out a large top jackpot with plenty of small and medium wins to keep the volatility at a medium level overall.

    Game Format

    The format of the game is standard fare for classic online slots in the sense that there are three rows with three reels of symbols. You'll find five paylines, which is the most you can really get in this format without switching to an atypical system for the reels where they aren't actually linked together.

    Your betting options start with the ability to bet from one to three coins per spin, and you should always bet three no matter what. This has to do with the pay table and your RTP, which we'll explain below. From there, you can choose coin sizes that range from $0.01 to $5 apiece, which puts your betting range at $0.03 to $15 per spin when all three coins are used.

    The Need for Three Coins

    To get the highest RTP (return to player percentage, or payout rate) in the Dollars to Donuts slot by Rival Gaming, you'll need to make sure you're playing with three coins at all times. The reason for this is that the top payout in the game is proportionately higher with three coins than with one or two. With the coin sizes going down to the $0.01 level, there's not really a good reason to play with just one or two coins anyway, so it won't affect your gameplay very much outside of giving you better average payouts.

    Wild Symbols

    The Dollars to Donuts symbol looks like a donut with three different colors on the pay table, but it's really the wild symbol. It shows up on all three reels, and it helps to create winning combinations by substituting for other symbols. It's important to also note that this symbol pays the top jackpot, which is worth 5,000x whenever you're playing with three coins. This is proportionately higher than the 1,500x or 3,000x jackpots you'll get with one or two coins, respectively, which is why you should play with three coins on every spin.

    Lucky Sevens

    There are three different lucky seven symbols that have different colors of sprinkles on them. They pay out 150x, 120x and 90x for three of a kind of each, and that's assuming that you're playing with three coins. You can also get a mixed payout of 9x for any three mismatched donuts, no matter what they are or which order they come in. These symbols are important because they make up the largest non-jackpot wins.

    Other Payouts

    You'll find three different bar symbols in this game as well. Three of the red triple bar pays 45x, and you can earn 30x for three of the green double bar. A win worth 15x is yours when you connect with three of the blue single bar. Mixed bars also pay 3x for any three, no matter which they are or the order in which they appear. The donut symbol acts like a cherry does in a traditional classic slot with a 30x win for three of a kind and 15x for just two. This is the only two-of-a-kind payout in the game as a whole.


    Dollars to Donuts is a fun take on the classic slot theme. It offers a bit of variation in the pay table to help strike a balance between a strong hit-rate and a sizable top payout, and this helps to keep the volatility from getting out of hand. It's also a good example of a game with a bright and vibrant theme that helps you to stay engaged because, despite the bad reputation some of them get, three-reel slots do not have to be boring. Overall, we think some players will definitely get a solid experience out of this game, but it might not be the most feature-rich classic slot out there.

    By Jesse Eddleman

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