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    Roulette Five by Slotland software gives you more chances to win. In all actuality, playing Roulette 5 streamlines your playing experience, allowing you to play the exact game up to five times at the same time with up to 5 wheels spinning towards your selected numbers, hopefully.

    Nothing says “Super Sized” like a multi-wheel version of American Roulette. Whether you make this a play on American portion sizes or good ol’ American efficiency is up to you.

    Roulette 5 online wagering.

    Features a minimum wager of $0.25. Maximum bets will be dependent on the amount of wheels played, and the type of bet placed.

    Typical limits are $1,000 per wheel. Each bet has it’s own maximum wager limit, and this amount is outlined clearly in the payoff chart.

    If you’re really married to your favorite numbers, you can Rebet or Double Bet your selection at the end of every game.

    Other nice features of Roulette five include the History Screen, which tells you which numbers have landed in the previous spins, and the Info Screen, which conveniently does the math for you when it comes to your bet, your payout, and your wins.

    As I mentioned above, Roulette 5 is an American Roulette game, which means that all five wheels will contain both a “Zero” and a “Double Zero”. Regardless of the number of wheels selected, each independently spinning ring will be activated as a single ball bounces along the innermost wheel.

    Once it finds a home, the games final numbers are determined as each ring comes to a rest along that particular slice of the pie.

    Payouts in Roulette 5 are very similar to those in La Roulette (the European equivalent), except that the European “Trio” bet is called a “Basket” in the American version, which is what Roulette 5 is based on.

    Odds on both are 11:1. Straight-Up, single-number bets pay out 35:1 and Splits pay out nearly half that at 17:1.

    Roulette 5 is offered exclusively by Slotland software. Play it, and its European counterpart, La Roulette, at WinADay Casino.