Sevens and Bars

  • Software

    Rival Gaming
  • Type

    Classic Slots
  • Reels:

  • Paylines:

Sevens 20and 20bars

Sevens and Bars slots have 3-reels and 1-line as a classic slot, with a 2500 coin jackpot, there's a lot 7's, and the bars are plentiful too! Are you ready for some patriotic slots? Sevens and Bars slot has all of your red, white, and blue needs covered.

Sevens and Bars slot wagering.

The machine itself is a three coin machine that features one pay line and has three reels. You can bet up to $15 using $5 coins, betting the max will give you the biggest opportunity to make some huge money.

Lots of combinations pay out on the Sevens and Bars slot machine; the biggest being the combination of Red 7, White 7, Blue 7.

If you can get that in that exact same order it pays 5 times the jackpot amount! That's 12500 credits, which translates to a ton of money on almost any wager amount.

One of the largest Sevens and Bars slot payouts are the Triple Seven Bar icons, they'll pay out over $10 grand if your betting the max amounts. These machines have some amazing possibilities.

Sevens and Bars slots other good wins come in Diamonds, they also pay on any line, one will get you your wager back and two are worth a good amount more.

Sevens and Bars slots number of symbols decreases your chances or winning a bit, but the large number allows for much bigger pay outs. This is one of the better slot machines out there.