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    Television game shows used to be a major event, but with the fact that more and more people get their video content from the Internet, they've kind of fallen to the side. Arrow's Edge has a great video slot called Showcase that gives players a taste of that old school game show action. This game features a number of typical prizes on game shows like new houses, new cars and luggage for won vacations, and they all show up across a typical game show set.

    Format and Layout

    The format of this game is pretty straight-forward and considered pretty normal for video slots. It uses a set of five reels with three rows, and it's a 20-payline slot. You choose your coin size effectively by choosing your total bet size, and this makes things clearer than having to do math on the fly to multiply the number of paylines by the size of the coin that you're using. Options vary from $0.20 to $240 per spin, and this gives players at every level of stakes a bet size that works for them.

    Major Symbols

    The top-paying symbol is the man contestant. This symbol is wild, and five of a kind gives you a 5,000x jackpot. Four of a kind is also good for 1,000x. The host is the next-highest symbol with a 500x win for five of a kind, and his beautiful assistant will pay 350x for five of a kind. The house prize pays 350x, the car pays 200x and the luggage also pays 200x, all for five of a kind.

    It's worth noting that the wild, the host, the assistant and the house all pay for two of a kind. These are the only symbols other than the scatter that pays a prize for just two.

    Minor Symbols

    This game uses the typical arrangement of the A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols for the minor symbols. They are all stylized to fit in with the game, and because there are over 12 symbols available in this game, we don't blame them for using something like this that keeps everything from running into each other.

    The A and K symbols pay 100x for five of a kind, and the Q, J and 10 symbols all pay 75x for five of a kind.

    Scatters and Free Spins

    The female contestant is the scatter. She pays 250x for five anywhere on the screen, 25x for four, 3x for three and 2x for just one. Line up three or more to be given a set of 15 free spins. You'll get a 3x multiplier on all of your wins, including wins from the other bonus feature, and these free spins can be re-triggered. This is a pretty cool way to handle free turns in a video slot.

    The Showcase Bonus Round

    Most game shows had a special bonus round, and this game is no exception. If the Showcase wheel symbol shows up on the second and fourth reels at the same time, then you'll get a multiplier to start things based on the number of paylines that strike through the position of those two symbols.

    After that, you go into the bonus round itself. This involves spinning a wheel and picking up a prize. You'll actually get an option to re-spin the wheel if you want before collecting your prize, but beware that you could actually end up with a worse prize than you started with, so choose wisely. This is a pretty cool feature that really fits with the overall theme, and it gives players a good amount of value, especially if you're lucky enough to hit it with the 3x multiplier during the free spins feature.


    Showcase is a really good example of Arrow's Edge putting together a feature-rich title that focuses on a central theme. Often video slots have features that aren't really tied into the concept that they're trying to pull off, and it creates a disconnect with the players. This game is nothing like that, and it's an awesome opportunity for players to pick up a lot of value in a short or long session since you could just as easily trigger the bonus features on your first spin as you could on your last, and that's something that really makes this game stand out.