• Slotris

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      Slotland Entertainment
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      Video Slots
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    Slotris slot is a 3-reel, 1-pay line, progressive game, with a jackpot, and its bonus games are like playing Tetris. This game gives you two ways to win while completing each line!

    I bet many of you players have played Tetris at least once in your life; a skilled game that pushes your mind to its limit with each increasing level completed, by lining up shapes and colors to complete lines towards leveling up.

    We present to you Slotris progressive slots, a tetris-style video slot game, only at Slotland Casino.

    Slotris progressive slots are the next best game to Tetris, using basically the same colors, shapes and moves, thus the name given.

    But this game is like two games in one; a slot machine and a Tetris-like bonus game where players have the chance to get different levels of cash winnings and a nicely sized jackpot to boot, if they are skilled enough.

    Slotris progressive slots wagering.

    Before you begin playing choose the wager amount; ranging from 0.50 up to 5.00 credits per spin. Depending on the colored symbols, a player can win up to 30x their bet on the main pay line when the same color symbols land according to the payoff chart.

    Slotris - 2-Ways to Win.

    Slotris slot game two ways to win, are as follows:

    • One; in the main spin when the same colors appear on the pay line
    • Two; in the Slotris Bonus game to the left of the main reels where the jackpot can be won.

    After your first spin, study the Slotris slots game area to the left, because you can select which symbols are to drop on your next spin. To do this simply select one of the radio buttons below the main pay line to change the symbol positions.

    Sotris Bonus Game.

    Once a player has created a solid horizontal line in the Sotris Bonus area, a payoff indicator below the game board will display the possible payout based on the current order of symbols. Be sure to switch those symbols around to get a cleared line and win some extra cash.

    On the next spin after a player has cleared a horizontal line, all of the symbols below the cleared line will also be cleared. If perhaps a player cannot clear any lines before the symbols reach the top of the bonus game area, the game will reset in Slotris progressive slots, and you will begin again at the bottom of that game area.

    Each cleared line increases your payout depending on your wager amount. The object of this game of Slotris slots, is to clear 10 lines before the game resets. To win the Jackpot, you have to clear the ten lines in the bonus area, while betting max on the tenth line.

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