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    Space Jack is an online variation of video blackjack with a progressive jackpot, and in SpaceJack you can get a three-to-one payout for blackjack, instead of the regular three-to-two payout!

    Three blackjacks with bets placed on all 3 hands, wins the progressive jackpot!

    Sophisticated gamblers will love the SpaceJack which is a online video slot variation of the most popular table game of all times, Blackjack.

    Space Jack online blackjack wagering.

    You must play all 3 hands, but you may wager $1, $2, $5, $10 or $20 per hand, which makes the betting limits range from $3 all the way up to $60 per game.

    SpaceJack is a great online variation of a classic game of Blackjack from Slotland, for all players—low rollers and high rollers alike.

    The mechanism behind Slotland's SpaceJack blackjack card game is the same as slots.

    There are a couple of differences between Slotland’s game of SpaceJack Blackjack and the table game of Blackjack, which are:

    • Blackjack Pays 3 to 1 instead of 3 to 2!
    • 3 Hands are dealt to you, instead of only playing 1.
    • There is no option to split pairs or surrender your hand(s).

    The rest of Space Jack Blackjack slot game plays exactly like a regular table Blackjack game; and the rules are as follows:

    • Face cards and Tens are worth 10 points.
    • Aces can count as either 1 or 11 points.
    • All other cards are worth their face value.
    • You may double down on any 2 card hand.
    • If your hand goes over a total of 21, you “bust,” and that is a losing hand.
    • If you are dealt Blackjack on all 3 of your hands, you win the progressive jackpot!

    Play Space Jack online blackjack if you’re ready to blast off and play a futuristic Space-themed version of Blackjack, which is only offered by the trustworthy Slotland online casino; get in your ship, start the countdown and fly on over to Slotland today!