The Elf Wars

  • Software

    RealTime Gaming
  • Type

    Video Slots
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The Elf Wars slots have 5-reels, 50-paylines and a progressive jackpot, with multiple bonus games, free spins, wilds, scatters, and a dramatic holiday saga sure to put any Vampire story to shame!

The Elf Wars slot game is the next installment in RealTime Gaming’s “Rudolph” slot series. The drama continues as elf factions divide to either support Santa and his North Pole Guardians or ally with Rudolph and his sinister intentions to take over the present-trade.

And you thought Christmas was all about snowflakes and ribbons.

Wagers in The Elf Wars online slots.

Are determined by coin size. Every game will automatically include all 50 lines.

You’ll have the ability to determine the size of your wager by adjusting the Elf Wars slot bets from $0.10 to $10.00; this number will then be multiplied by 5 to determine your actual wager per game. Wagers can be adjusted from $0.50 to $50.00 credits per spin.

The Elf Wars slots Pay Table.

There’s a lot going on in this game and, luckily, all of it takes care of itself. It’s a good idea to be familiar with the substitute and feature symbols, though, so you know when you should be gearing up for a bonus game or a big win.

Several Elf Wars slot symbols need only two symbols on a payline from left to right to pay out, which is why this Elf Wars slot game is ranked as a “Moderate” variance by Real Time Gaming; you’ll see a good bit of action on nearly every spin, even if you don’t always make up your wager.

The Elf Wars slots Wild symbols.

There are two wild symbols to look out for: Santa and Rudolf. They are equally represented and can be mixed to form extended wins:

  • Both wilds will substitute for all non-scatter symbols (sorry, Elves).
  • Both are also paying wilds. You’ll be paid the highest win on each payline, so if a combination of wilds is higher than any other combination they could form, you’ll be paid that.
  • Wins for Wild combos range from 7 to 2000 coins depending if you land two to five coins on a line.

The Elf Wars slot Scatter symbols.

Both sides of the war are also represented in the scatter symbols, this time with Good Elves and Bad Elves. Unlike the wilds, these scatters will need to match to form a winning combination:

  • The Elves scatters behave like traditional scatters in that they do not need a payline to award payout. They “pay where they lay”, anywhere on the reels.
  • All scatter wins are multiplied by the total amount wagered.
  • Payouts start at 2x your wager with 2 scatters and go up to 100x your wager with five scatters.
  • When two or more matching Elf scatters land on the reels, one respin is automatically triggered. The reels that contain the scatters are held while the other reels spin.

The Elf Wars progressive slots “Pick Me” Feature.

When three or more matching Scattered Elves land on the reels after a re-spin, a Pick One feature will commence.

The choices will depend on which side, Good or Bad, triggered the Pick. With each choice (described below), a new screen will load with a specific game that will determine how many free spins you will receive:

  • Good Elves will provide you the choice of Santa Strikes Back or Jackpot Spins Good Feature.
  • Bad Elves will provide you the choice of Rudolph’s Revenge or Rudolph’s Rampage Feature.

In all cases, the free spins generated by the featured games will not include the opposite clan’s characters. For example, you won’t find a Rudolph wild in a “Good” feature.

There is something to be said about the “Bad” features that is worth noting. During the “Bad” feature free games, Rudolph wilds can be clustered on Reel 3. If you can get Rudolph to take up the entire reel, he will triple all prizes in the substitute wins.

The Elf Wars slot “Bad” Feature: Rudolph’s Rampage.

When the Rudolph’s Rampage is triggered under the above conditions, a new screen loads, showing Santa’s shop ransacked.

Hidden in the debris are three missing elves. Try to find them in as few picks as possible; the faster you can do it, the more free spins you’ll win-up to 50 free spins if you can do it in your first three picks!

If your elves are found bearing gifts, you’ll get additional perks during your free spins. Here’s the color-coded breakdown:

  • Red Gift: Scattered Bad Elves will act as additional wilds during free spins.
  • Blue Gift: All prizes won during the free spin are quadrupled!
  • Green Gift: The Rudolph wild will expand to fill Reel 3 for all free spins.

The Elf Wars “Bad” Feature: Rudolph’s Revenge.

When the Rudolph’s Revenge feature is chosen, seven free games are instantly awarded:

  • All prizes during the Rudolph’s Revenge free spins are doubled.
  • The multiplier will increase with each wild Rudolph present on the reels at the conclusion of the spin.
  • If four or more scatters triggered the feature, Scattered Bad Elves will act as additional wilds (after the scatter payout is complete).
  • Seven additional free spins are awarded when three or more Bad Elf scatters land on the reels.

The Elf Wars slot “Good” Feature: Santa Strikes Back!

If the “Santa Strikes Back!” feature is selected, seven free spins start automatically:

  • During this feature, three symbols (Santa, Good Elf scatters, and the North Pole) will have a candy cane icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Every time one of these symbols lands on a reel, it will light up the Star on the top of the reel.
  • Every time all five reels have a lit star, the number of free games will be reset to seven and the multiplier for the following games will increase by one.

The Santa Strikes Back feature can be reset nine times, giving the potential to award 63 free spins and up to 9x multiplier!

The Elf Wars “Good” Feature: Jackpot Spins.

When you pick the Jackpot Spins feature, a new screen loads with a 6-segment wheel. You’ll get from one to three chances to spin the wheel. The wheel can award the following:

  • The ever-growing Progressive Jackpot!
  • A chance to play the Santa Strikes Back feature.
  • An instant prize based on your total amount wagered on the triggering spin, up to 100x your bet!

Elf Wars progressive slots Feature Guarantee.

Ensures one of the features will be triggered within a given number of spins. That “given number” will depend upon the size of your wager; the more you wager, the quicker a feature could be triggered.

Keep in mind, however, that this guarantee does not come without a price. A portion of your wager (proportional to the size of your bet) will form the required side bet for this in game feature.

You will be granted additional spins until the Jackpot or the Feature is triggered, or you’ve spun three times, whichever comes first.

You can enjoy the turbo-powered autoplay feature with The Elf Wars, which will allow you to customize your autoplay experience for up to 1000 spins.

If you’re ready for a holiday-inspired game that’s less about Christmas Claymation and more reminiscent of Godfather, The Elf Wars slot is for you!