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    The tipsy tourist

    It can seem like every possible theme has been done over and over again when it comes to online slots. BetSoft is really good about coming up with different themes that we haven't really seen before and building a game around them that fits really well. That's the case with The Tipsy Tourist, a slot that uses a theme based around a guy at the beach who is looking to have a good time even if that involves a little too much to drink. As you might expect, this is a fun game with a light-hearted theme.

    Game Layout

    The Tipsy Tourist uses 20 paylines spread across five reels and three rows of action. This is a pretty standard layout that all slots fans will be familiar with. In typical BetSoft fashion, the lowest coin size is $0.02, though they go up to the $1.00 level. Since you can bet up to five coins per payline, the minimum bet size is $0.40 per spin with all paylines activated, and the maximum is $100 per spin. Clearly, this will cover any player at any level of stakes with a bet size that will be more than comfortable.

    Symbols and Payouts

    The first of the five main symbols is the beach party sign, which is wild. It shows up on the last four reels, so you can't get winning combinations consisting of only wilds. The tourist himself is another top symbol, and you can win 350x for five of him or 200x for four. With the beautiful woman symbol, five of a kind will get you 200x. The airplane tickets and sea shells are the other two main symbols with 150x payouts for five of a kind for each.

    This game uses the A, K, Q, J and 10 symbols for the lower payouts. Some people might see this as lazy, but they're stylized to really fit the theme, and since they each have their own specific color, they don't really run together or make it difficult to tell what your wins were like some other games have been known to do from time to time.

    Free Spins Bonus Feature

    The beach ball shows up on the last three reels, and it's a scatter symbol. If you pick up all three at once, then you're given a set of free spins. However, these are not normal spins because the behavior of the wilds change when you're in this bonus feature.

    The wilds become sticky in the free spins and will stay in place while the other symbols around them turn for the remainder of the free spins. You can also re-trigger these free spins, and the wilds will remain in the same exact place as you found them no matter how many free spins you earn. This means that you could wind up with some major multi-line wins if you hit the wilds early on in the free spins bonus feature.

    Drinking Bonus Round

    On the first three reels, you will see red cups full of beer, and if you line up all three of them anywhere on the reels at the same time, then you'll be taken to the Drinking Bonus Round. You can tell by how the tourist on the left-hand side of the screen acts that he's had a bit to drink, and this bonus feature is probably why.

    The way this works is that a coin is flipped, and you're asked to guess the outcome of the toss. If you guess correctly, then you will drink one of the cups in front of you. Guess incorrectly, and your opponent does. The first to finish all three drinks wins, and the more cups you drink, the bigger your win.

    In Conclusion

    The Tipsy Tourist by BetSoft is a really fun game that incorporates bonus features that make a lot of sense for the theme. You can definitely tell that the theme came first and that the rest of the game was built around that theme because everything fits together perfectly. This includes the bonus rounds, the symbol set, the graphics and the music. Overall, this is a game that definitely shows that they're staying at the top of the mountain when it comes to the online casino software developer community.

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