• Treasure Box

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      Slotland Entertainment
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      Video Slots
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    Treasure Box slots has quickly become a player favorite at Slotland online casinos, as this game has a progressive jackpot, a treasury bonus, a re-spin feature and wild symbols in its 3 reels and 4 pay-lines. It is the only other slot machine allowing the player to hold the reels after each spin and make the best potential return everytime the lever is pulled.

    The Treasure Box slots game is similar to the various multi-hand video poker machines found at most other online casinos.

    Treasure Box Online Slots Wagering.

    Spins can be as cheap as $.50 per spin all the way up to the maximum which is $2 per line for all 4 lines for a grand total of $8 per spin. Be sure to keep your eye out for the hold feature; it can make for some rich wins! You may play 1, 2, 3 or all 4 lines, but I’d be sure to play all 4 lines for the maximum winning potential!

    Re-Spin Feature in the Treasure Box Online Slots.

    To start the Treasure Box slots, you’ll select the pull lever and only the bottom reel will spin. Once it stops, you have the option of holding 1, 2 or all 3 reels, or re-spin all of the reels again. If you pick any of the reels to hold, these symbols will appear on each of the lines that you have a bet on, and will stay there for the re-spin, which is made once you pull the lever again.

    The Treasury Bonus in Treasure Box Slots.

    • If the Wild symbol appears on any of the lines that you have placed a wager on, the amount of that line’s wager will be placed in the "Treasury".
    • If you get 2 Wild symbols on one line, 2x that line's wager would be added to this Treasury.
    • There is a code underneath the bottom reel in Treasure Box online slots, which contains the code needed to win the amount currently collected in the Treasury.
    • Simply hit this winning combination on any pay-line, and you win everything in the Treasury!
    • Once this amount is won, the Treasury amount returns to zero and the combination code is reset.

    Keep in mind that although the Wild symbol will complete any other winning combination, it does not count in completing the combination to win the Treasury bonus.

    The color of the symbols does not come into play, because the code can consist of symbols of any color!

    The Progressive Jackpot in Treasure Box Slots.

    Treasure Box online slots also has a progressive jackpot available to be won! To win the progressive jackpot, simply get 3 Wild symbols on a winning line while spinning at the maximum bet for that line.

    So, get your gear out today and start your adventure in finding and opening up the Treasure Box online slots, which can provide you with some great dividends. Your bankroll will thank you for it!