Treasure Tree

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    RealTime Gaming
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Realtime Gaming's Treasure Tree fits in the same category as slots in the sense that it's easy to learn to play and purely luck-based, the gameplay is more like a scratch off ticket. Long story short, if you're looking for a fun game that's easy to learn how to play but that offers a good amount of action with chances for big prizes, then Treasure Tree is a good option.

How It Works

The way this game works is that you choose a bet size and start your turn. A number of symbols will appear on the tree above you, and you can click all of them to reveal chances at wins or free games. They are grouped together in sets based on color, and you win by matching three symbols that award the same prize with the same color. Once you understand this basic play dynamic, you can check out the specifics that we're going to show you below and understand more about how this game plays.

The Specifics of Treasure Tree

The bet selection is based on a single price per play, and it starts at $0.25 apiece. You can bet all the way up to $25 per game, and there are a lot of options in between. To make betting easier, you can play as many as 500 games at once so that you don't have to keep selecting a bet size and choosing to play. This makes gameplay go a bit smoother, and it's a nice option to have even if you normally decide to go one play at a time.

Payouts and Prizes

Prizes in this game are broken up into two groups: instant wins and free games. During free games, all of your wins are hit with a multiplier of 3x. The top normal payout is 500x, but this becomes 1,500x during the free turns, so you can see how the value is stacked in the direction of this bonus feature. Wins from 0.5x your bet size to 500x your bet size are available at plenty of different increments, and the overall pay schedule leads to a medium volatility for this game.

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