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    The Slotland software has been around since 1998. They have their license in Anjouan, and they stand out by not being offered in very many online casinos. Instead, they run their own software at a small number of casino sites that they also own. They accept players from the United States at these sites, and they're known for a progressive jackpot that runs through all of their games. While it's nice for US players to have another software option, their games aren't up to par on an international playing field, and there are fairness issues with how the jackpot is determined.

    Game Selection

    To start things off, with a name like Slotland, you'd expect them to have a lot of slots. A total of over 50 different games are available with this software, and the vast majority of them are in the slot category. Their games vary in terms of quality with the worst of them being well below-average and the best being a bit above-average.

    A number of video poker games can be found here too, and that helps to round out their selection of games. Unfortunately for players, most of these games have sub-par payout rates due to unfavorable pay tables, so the video poker games should mostly be avoided.

    A few atypical games also run like the Four Cast and Space Jack virtual card games. The payout rates in these games are both under 94 percent, not counting the contribution from the site-wide progressive jackpot, so neither are really recommended.

    Jackpot and Randomness Issues

    One of the biggest features of this software is the fact that virtually every game they offer is linked up to a central progressive jackpot. This jackpot starts off at the $50,000 level and works itself up to the six figure range on a regular basis. It pays out multiple times each year, and has done so since they first started offering games. This is a cool feature, but there are some problems with it.

    The problem that we have with this progressive is that it's controlled by a random number generator so that the chances of winning in every game are the same. For example, in video poker games, you might need to get a royal flush to win it. Since the chances of getting a royal flush aren't that terrible compared to what it takes to win most progressives, they have manipulated the game so that you'll get royal flushes less often than you normally would from a regular deck of cards.

    If this kind of thing doesn't bother you, then you'll probably get a fair amount of enjoyment out of playing their progressive games. If it does, then you might want to play with a different software company that approaches randomness in the traditional way in card-based games like video poker and table games.

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