Games and Casino's 7 years and 7 months Online Celebration gets you into The Super 7's Slots Tourney!

-You won't find this exclusive on their site.

Only by going through G&C with this exclusive, can players join in the celebrations and play in the Super 7's Thunderstruck Slots tournament, which starts on August 15th. Get this; the top 7 players get $77!Read below.

The Super 7's slots tourney.

Sign Up Period: Midnight GMT July 31st to Midnight GMT August 14th 2008.

Tournament date: Midnight GMT Friday August 15th to Midnight GMT Sunday August 17th 2008.

How can I play in this tournament:

  • Customers must open a Red Flush account through the pictures above or the link at the bottom of this page.
  • Open a real account, deposit and play $50 to qualify for the slots tournament.
  • Get notified through an email and sign up between July 31st, 2008 thru August 14th, 2008. Those who have played before the dates can qualify.
  • The Super 7's Thunderstruck slots tournament will be played between Friday August 15th, 2008 thru Sunday August 17th, 2008.
  • The top 7 players will recieve $77 bonus cash to spend anywhere in the casino!

Only by going through G&C can you take advantage of this exclusive promotion!

The Thunderstruck Slot Tourney starts everyone off with 1,000 playing coins, a $5 rebuy and a maximum of 10 rebuys per player.

Talk about your Lucky 7 madness, get on in there and start playing today!