30-Ball Casino Bingo

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    Rival Gaming
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30-Ball Casino Bingo is an online instant bingo game by Rival, and you can play one of 3-levels and up to 100 cards at a time, instantly! All in all, the 30-ball instant bingo game plays a little like small-scale keno, with the objective of the game to complete a Full House.

As with most online games, 30-Ball Instant Bingo all begins with your wager. Casino bingo card prices range from .01 to 1.00 each (since the prizes awarded are multipliers, the more you wager, the more money you could win).

You can play one bingo card at a time, or you could handle 100 cards at a time, for a betting range from 1.00 to 100.00 per drawing.

When you play 30-ball casino bingo online through Rival, you’ll have the option to select how many balls you’d like to draw in any particular game. Choose 20 balls if you want the highest payouts, but the lowest odds; choose 24 balls for lower payouts, but more chances to win.

This 30-ball casino bingo game features a few customizing options, as well as automatic card ordering, which puts the cards with the highest or best chance of winning on Page 1. Auto-daubing is automatic when more than one page of cards is played.

If you like down and dirty online bingo, a 30-ball instant bingo game is just the right amount of commitment. Enjoy this and the other instant online bingo games available at your favorite Rival casinos.