Tri-Card Poker

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Tri-Card Poker by RTG, get a higher-ranked poker hand than the dealer and win big. Only three cards, yet nearly twice the fun as regular online poker.

Tri-Card Wagering and Payouts.

Keeping in mind the table wagering limits (between 1 and 100 credits), you can choose to place the Ante bet, the Pair Plus bet, or both:

  • Ante Bet: This bet wagers that your hand will beat the dealer’s hand.
  • Pair Plus Bet: A wager that your hand will contain at least one Pair.

You’ll need to select one of the two bets to begin the game (essentially deciding if you are playing against the dealer or yourself). Choose to “Raise” if you want to literally “up the ante”.

Payouts are detailed in a pull out menu on the left-hand side of the game. Payouts in Tri-Card online poker start with one Pair (1:1) and top-out with a Straight Flush (40:1).

How to Play Tri-Card Poker.

Tri-Card Poker abides by the same values and rules as a traditional five-card poker game, just with fewer cards.

The dealer needs a Queen or higher to qualify. Since the game is truncated, certain traditional poker hands are not possible, and they are omitted from the pay table.

For additional game information, make sure to check out the Help menu below the game’s playing field.

Play RTG’s Tri-Card poker and get twice the online poker fun in half the time. If you like three-card games, also check out RTG’s Vegas 3-Card Rummy game.