Vegas Three Card Rummy

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Play Vegas Three Card Rummy and get a lot more game for your buck. With a bonus side wager, fast play, and smooth animations, Vegas Three Card Rummy packs a lot of game into a short amount of time, making it a great game to play in otherwise dull moments.

Vegas Three Card Online Rummy Wagering and Payouts.

Three Card Rummy wagers range from 1 to 100 credits, and some online casinos may offer the 500 credit wagering chip.

First, you will place your Ante wager in order to start the game. Vegas three card rummy also has the bonus bet option, which allows you greater return on your game if you should pull in an exceptional win.

Payouts range from even money (7-10 points) to 100:1 for an A-2-3 suited run. The maximum payout available in the Vegas three card online rummy game is $50,000.

How to Play Vegas Three Card Online Rummy.

The game begins when you are dealt three cards face up and the dealer is dealt three cards face down. The goal of the game is get fewer points than the dealer, who needs to have less than 20 points to qualify. Every time the dealer doesn’t qualify, you get paid even money.

Points are determined by card values, which are:

  • Face value; cards deuces (2's) through tens (10's).
  • Ten points; all face cards (J, Q, K).
  • One point; for Aces (A).

The exceptions are when you have a pair, a triple, a two-suited run or a three-suited run; in these cases, you’ll earn zero points and win 4:1 odds.

If you placed a Bonus wager, your hand point totals can also help you secure a larger win. You’ll need a hand score of less than 12 points to grab bonus cash, and the total breakout is available in the “Rules” section.

Play Vegas three card online Rummy today!