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    • 10 February 2011

      SuperSlots Launches Fresh Weekender Slot Tournament

      If you’re in the mood for a cheap online slots tournament, SuperSlots has a new one ready to go on Friday, Feb 11th. With just a $5 buy-in, you can play Vegas Technology’s Parrot Party slots for a chance to win “The Pot”–a mysterious, but no doubt more than $5, bag of money that grows the larger the pool of participants. Parrot Party is a 5-reel, 25-line video slot game with a 12,500-coin jackpot.

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    • 05 February 2011

      Get Set and Go: The $65,000 Race to the Top Tourney Begins

      DoylesRoom.com is kicking off its new software with a huge series of leaderboard poker tournaments that commenced on February 1st, 2011. The $65,000 Race to the Top tournament is the inaugural tournament as part of Doyle’s new relationship with the Yatahay Poker Network, and, judging by the response, online poker players believe the switch was a good move.

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    • 04 February 2011

      Play Online Bingo Tournaments for BBs

      You’ve probably heard about online poker tournaments and online slots tournaments, but you may not be aware that online bingo tournaments happen all the time–and you might be in the running and not even know it! Paramount Bingo offers online bingo tournaments every month, awarding loads of BBs (also known as Bonus Bank, Bingo Bucks, Bingo Bonus) just for playing the online bingo games you love.

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    • 03 February 2011

      Play Free Slots Tournaments for Real Cash at Casino Titan

      Casino Titan is now offering daily slots tournaments featuring a few of their most popular online slots games. Now you can log into your Casino Titan account and play in the following online slots tournaments for free–and win up to $50 each time! Loose Caboose slots: Loose Caboose online slots has it all. This Real Series 5-reel, 25-line slots game has free spins, wilds, scatters, and a wild little bonus feature that will surely give you an edge on the competition.

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    • 28 January 2011

      Play New Slot Tournaments at iNetBet Casino

      As part of a system-wide upgrade, iNetBet Casino launches new online slots tournaments for three RealSeries slots: Crystal Waters, Loose Caboose, and Texan Tycoon. Playing online slot tournaments at iNetBet is very easy. All you need to do is go to the slots tournament section in the casino lobby, opt in, pay the entry fees (if any), and get started. At the beginning of the online slots tournament, you’ll be given a certain number of credits to play with for a specific time period.

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    • 21 January 2011

      PokerStars: The One-Stop-Shop in Online Poker Tournaments

      If a poker site has over 280,000 players and over 8600 active tournaments at 1pm on a Wednesday, chances are it’s an online poker room worth looking into. And chances are, if it has that much online poker player activity, it can only be one place: PokerStars.com.

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    • 19 January 2011

      Black Magic Slots Tournament This Weekend!

      The weekend is almost here, and that means SuperSlots is hosting another online slot tournament. This weekend, Black Magic online slots takes the stage as the Weekender Tournament headliner.Black Magic is an online slots game with five reels, 25 paylines, wilds, scatters, and a video bonus feature. Highly animated and spooky in the most deliciously cheezy way, you’ll love every spin your $5 tournament buy-in will get you.

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    • 14 January 2011

      $10,000 Up For Grabs During the bet365 January Reel Race

      Starting at midnight on January 15th and going though the last moments of 11:59pm that same evening, the bet365 Reel Race is non-stop, no-slot-game-excluded slot tournament action from start to finish. The Reel Race is a comp point tally competition, which means the player with the most comp points (and, therefore, the name at the top of the leaderboard) wins. And the next 199 finishers get a little something, too.

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    • 10 January 2011

      Do the Funky Chicken slots tournament starting 1/10/11!

      Right now at SuperSlots casino, you can jump in on another great slots tournament starring the popular Funky Chicken online slots. With 5 reels and 9 paylines, Funky Chicken slots is filled with wilds, scatters, and farmer-vs-chicken bonus round that is as entertaining as it is lucrative. This SuperSlots slots tournament is called The Slottery, and it runs from January 10th to January 13th. Buy-in is just $5.

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    • 09 January 2011

      Hunt for a Shaaark! victory at SuperSlots

      Starting at 12:01am on Monday, January 10th, 2011, SuperSlots is hosting an online slot tournament featuring the Shaaark! online slots game. Nothing gets your week started quickly like a full-blown shark attack, where you reel in the fiesty devils one payline at a time. Play for the Pot with a $3 buy-in and nearly 23 hours to capture the title. If you want an additional edge (aside from calling in sick to work or hiding beneath your desk), we’ve got the full Shaaark!

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    • 07 January 2011

      SuperSlots Hosts Deuces Wild Face-Off Tournament This Weekend

      Starting on Friday, January 7th and going through Sunday, January 10th, 2011, SuperSlots hosts its weekly Weekend Deuces Wild Face-Off. As one of their more popular online video poker tournaments, the Face-Off features an attractive $5 buy-in and an equally alluring prize pool, which is determined by the number of players signed up. The Pot can range in size, but in some cases can be as high as $5,000 if enough players join in the fight.

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    • 30 December 2010

      FullTilt: Serving 12 Freeroll Satellites Daily

      Freeroll poker tournaments are a great risk-free way to launch a real-money poker career. Freeroll poker tourneys work equally well for those of us just looking to play our favorite skill game and earn a few bragging rights with our prize pool. If you’ve been looking to play freeroll poker tournaments, FullTilt Poker has plenty to choose from. You’ll see over 900 tournaments each month, and every one of them is open to all players.

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    • 15 December 2010

      Games and Casino Exclusive $500 Slots Tournament Ends at Midnight

      It’s been an exciting two weeks since the launch of the second Games and Casino Exclusive $500 Slots Tournament hosted by a handful of Vegas Technology casinos. Our previous blog post mentioned how, despite the excitement and participation, the current leader had a very beatable balance of $25.00.Many players rose to the occasion, knowing that all it takes is a really good spin and a few nice multipliers to beat such a low online slot tournament total.

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    • 13 December 2010

      G&C Exclusive $500 Slots Tourney: Two Days Left and Still Plenty of Time To Win!

      If you haven’t entered the Games and Casino Exclusive $500 Slot Tournament now is definitely the time to do so. At last check, the leader had just a $25 balance–which means all you need to do is win over $25 and you’ve landed the $200 top prize. At the very least, it’s worth the price of admission (which, ahem, is FREE) to give it your best shot. After all, the top 29 positions get awarded a prize in the $500 prize pool. Chances are, you’ll still get something for nothing!

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    • 09 December 2010

      Games and Casino Exclusive Tourney Off and Reeling

      We’re well into the home stretch of the Games and Casino Exclusive $500 Slot Tournament, where hundreds of players are vying for one of the top 29 prizes. Since most of them paid absolutely nothing to enter (a few had to dip into the $5 rebuy), getting any slice of that $500 prize pot will be worth the price of admission.Since it’s all about who has the largest number of coins at the end of the tournament, it’s definitely not to late to put your name into the running.

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    • 01 December 2010

      Back by Popular Demand: Another $500 G&C Slots Tournament starts TODAY!

      Starting today, December 1st, Games and Casino is offering The Reel Deal in slots tournaments. Literally. Starring the Reel Deal online slots game and offering $500 in prizes to 29 lucky winners, this follow-up tournament promises to be just as much as the first one. The GamesAndCasino Exclusive $500 Slot Tournament starts at 6pm (EST) on December 1st and goes through the last second of December 15th. Take advantage of having the full two weeks and sign up today.

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    • 16 November 2010

      Millionaire Casino Gives the Gift of Gobble. And $100,000.

      We’ve now hit the mid-point of Millionaire Casino’s $100,000 Slots Tournament: The Big Turkey. While it started on November 1st, players still have 15 more days to “gobble” up the highest balance by the time the event ends on November 30th. Entry fee is $10 with re-buys available as needed. Of the three top prizes, the winner will take home $50,000, second place wins $10,000, and third grabs $5,000. Helpings of prizes will also be awarded to the next 797 participants.

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    • 15 November 2010

      Do the Funky Chicken: $200,000 Guaranteed Thanksgiving FreeRoll Tournament

      Online Vegas casino is hosting a $200,000 Guaranteed Freeroll Tournament in honor of the American Thanksgiving holiday. Sleeves rolled up and belts loosened on Friday, November 12th, and players are still welcome to dig in and enjoy plenty of the Vegas Technology video slot, Funky Chicken.The freeroll tournament will continue until Thursday, November 25th (Thanksgiving Day, also known as Fat Thursday–at least at my house).

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    • 12 November 2010

      Hourly Freeroll Tourneys at Cool Hand Poker

      “Poker for the People” states Cool Hand Poker‘s website. “No Pros! No Hustlers! No Sharks” In a refreshing take with online poker, Cool Hand Poker renounces the pressure of professional-level games. You won’t find celebrities sitting at your table or poker pros vying for your tournament entry. Just people sitting around playing a game they love with a few of their newest friends.

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    • 10 November 2010

      $500 Vegas Tech Slot Tournaments: Only 4 Days Left!

      $500 Vegas Tech Slot Tournaments: Only 4 Days Left! Play for Free!Lucky Lady slots has proven to be a worthy adversary for several players, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get in on the action. Entry is completely free with a small deposit to the following select Vegas Technology casinos: English Harbor Casino: It wouldn’t be a VT tourney without English Harbor on board. Super Slots Casino: No cape required. VIP Slots Casino: For both Important Players and Interested Participants

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    • 05 November 2010

      G&C Exclusive Slots Tourney Heats Up

      Our Slots blog posted that Day 3 of the exclusive Games and Casino slot tournament was warming up with some heated competition, and just in time for the cold snap of November. If you haven’t jumped in on the action of this Lucky Lady Slots Tournament, what are you waiting for? Free to depositing players at select Vegas Technology casinos, this slots tournament started on November 1st and goes to 11:59pm on November 15th.

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    • 01 November 2010

      $500 Lucky Lady Slots Tournament - a Games and Casino Exclusive

      Games and Casino is currently hosting a $500 exclusive slots tournament featuring none other than Vegas Tech’s Lucky Lady slot game. $500 Lucky Lady Slot Tournament--a G&C Exclusive! Starting at 6pm on Monday, Nov 1st and going until midnight on Sunday, Nov 15th, the tournament offers FREE entry to all eligible players with a $5 rebuy. Who’s eligible? Any player that makes a deposit between now and November 15th will be granted automatic entry into the tournament.

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    • 30 October 2010

      Chess Tournaments: Meetings of the Minds

      Game Colony offers online chess tournaments.By far the most popular board game in modern times, chess is no longer just for Mensa gatherings or the high school sub-culture. Chess provides an elegant sort of battlefield, with silent and swift moves that can strike loud and permanent blows on their opponents. It’s a game of grace, of strategy, of foresight, and of preparation.

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    • 27 October 2010

      "Play" in Spades at Spadester

      Online poker tournaments are well known, and by now you know about a few other competitive skill games, like online backgammon and online Rummy. Not to be taken lightly, the game of Spades can be as cutthroat as it can be fun–and that is something Spadester.com takes to the next level.

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    • 24 October 2010

      Online Cribbage Tournaments Take The Peg

      Game Colony, once again, delivers “the thrill of competition” for another popular game of skill–cribbage. Since October 2001, players from around the world can participate in online multi-player cribbage games. Whether you play the 6-card or the more historically-classic 5-card game, cribbage involves a standard 52-card deck and a race to score 121 points (or 61 points, in the case of the five-card game) over the course of the game.

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    • 21 October 2010

      Backgammon Tournaments at Play65

      As we mentioned in our Skill Games Blog this week, the game of Backgammon is a popular, if dark horse, tournament skill game. While there are hundreds backgammon tournament sites, there are only a few that we can strongly recommend.One of them is Play65.com.It’s hard to know what kind of backgammon tournament to play in, especially when you’re either just learning the game or you’re trying to adapt to multi-player backgammon tournament play.

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    • 12 October 2010

      Multi-Player Solitaire: Beat Loneliness and Win Cash at Game Colony

      This post is for all the solitaire players out there. You know who you are. Does this sound familiar? You play solitaire at work when you should be filing. If your filing schematic orders everything by suit, color, and rank. You play solitaire when you should be ironing (and are wearing the wrinkled shirt to prove it). You probably play solitaire when your spouse is on another rant about the neighbors and where they park their cars.

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    • 02 October 2010

      Rummy: The New Poker

      When was the last time you played a good game of Rummy? Gin Rummy? Kalooki 51? Oklahoma? I sense your blank look. That’s okay. When I think of a competitive card game, I instantly think of other games. Poker seems to get all the attention in the “skill games” catagory these days. Whether it’s played online, in world championships, or by bunch of guys on a girl-free Saturday night, poker wears the letterman jacket, dates the cheerleading captain, and drives a motorcycle.

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    • 06 August 2009

      Poker In The Park Sponsored by PKR

      Are all of you tournament players out there ready for this one? Two days of nothing but poker fun at Europe’s largest poker Festival! 6 August 2009 (London, UK) – PKR are, for a second year in a row, lead sponsors of Poker in the Park, Europe’s largest poker festival. Held on the 13th & 14 of August in Leicester Square, PKR will be hosting one of the festival’s main attractions, The Poker Dome.

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    • 23 October 2008

      RummyRoyal Tournaments

      Rummy Royal is having tournaments galore!! Join them in their Kalooki 51 tournament that has a guaranteed prize of $3000!!! This will take place on Sunday October 26th, 2008 at 15:00 ET, and the buy-in is only $16.50!! To top that off Rummy Royal is holding the biggest tournament ever!! On November 16th at 15:00 ET they are having a Kalooki 51 tournament, where players can compete for a guaranteed prize of $10,000!!! You don’t want to miss out on this one!!

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