Double Joker

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Double joker

Double Joker Highlights

Double Joker poker is one wild video poker game. This game differs from many of the other video poker games, as you will see.

In Double Joker you cant win with any one pair, two pair is the lowest possible paying hand. This is because of all the jokers, more wild possibilities make the chance of bigger hands much more possible.

The machine starts out by dealing you 5 cards face up. From here you make the decision of what to hold and what not to, if you already have a winning hand the computer will point it out and hold the cards for you.

After this you will draw your replacement cards and see if you win, if you do you aren't credited immediately. Now you have the chance to collect and send the money to your balance or gamble some more and double your winnings.

This could be good if you won a large amount and wanted to double it, for smaller winnings there is no point of trying this really.

The max pay out here is 4000 coins. This is for a natural royal flush and can only be achieved when betting the max coin amount.

All hands pay differently depending on how much you bet. The pay table maps it all out clearly if you have any questions.

Overall Double Joker poker is an excellent addition to the video poker line up.

Double Joker Strategy & Rules