RTG Blackjack

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    RealTime Gaming
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RealTime Gaming, a software platform stocked with an impressive list of blackjack offerings, showcases this classic blackjack game free of any side bets or deviations to splitting or doubling. It’s just blackjack, pure and sweet.

Table limits in this game are between $1 and $250.

In this single-hand game, you play head to head with the Dealer. Once your bet is placed, you and the Dealer will each get two cards; yours will both be face up, the Dealer’s cards will show as one face up and one “hole” card (flipped over, unknown).

Your goal is to either create 21 points or at least a higher total than the Dealer’s, without going over 21 and without knowing what his mystery card has in store.

And thus the game begins.

RealTime Gaming features some of the fastest blackjack play on the Internet, so be prepared to fly through hand after hand.

If you’re new to the game, or at least to the realm of online blackjack, don’t be afraid to try to split a pair or attempt a double down. We guarantee the more you play this game, the more of it there is to love.

Classic blackjack, like this one from RTG, is most certainly a gateway game into the rest of the online gambling arena-once you get the feel of the cards, it’s easy to transition to other types of blackjack games (European Blackjack, Pontoon, Super 21, etc), and then from there branch out to video poker, the highly animated video slots, online tournaments, and beyond.

The entertainment never ends!

RealTime Gaming has one of the best selections of blackjack games available, and we have one of the best selections of RealTime Gaming Casinos.

The ones below come highly recommended. Give one (or nine) of them a try today!