RTG Perfect Pairs Blackjack

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    RealTime Gaming
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The RealTime Gaming software platform seems to synonymous with the game of online blackjack. No other group of casinos can boast the amount of selection, nor can they beat RTG’s speed, flow, and entertainment value. Case in point: RealTime Gaming’s Perfect Pairs online blackjack game.

If you’ve never played Perfect Pairs blackjack before, we’ll break it down a bit for you. Like most games with an additional side bet, it is everything you already know about the game plus a little extra something to wager on. In this case, you’ll have the chance to pull in some extra coin by wagering whether or not their first two dealt cards will be a pair.

RealTime Gaming uses six 52-card decks (sans the Jokers) for this game, two extra when compared to its typical four deck blackjack stacks.

With the addition of the side bet, Perfect Pairs blackjack ends up become two separate games—one which is determined without the Dealer outcome, and one dependent on the Dealer outcome (unless, of course, the hand is a two-card 21, otherwise known as a Blackjack).

RealTime Gaming Perfect Pairs Payout:

  • Perfect Pair: A Perfect Pair is the holy grail of pairings: two identical cards. Land this and it pays out 25 to 1.
  • Colored Pair: Just like it sounds, a Colored Pair is a set of two cards that match in rank, but not in color. It pays 12 to 1.
  • Mixed Pair: A Mixed Pair is a set of two equally ranked cards of different colors, and it will pay out 6 to 1.

You can play Perfect Pairs online blackjack with or without the side bet. To place the side bet, you’ll have to toss the coins of your choice into the second ring prior to dealing. Once it’s determined that you do not have a pair, your side bet is whisked away to the Dealer, and the game continues as usual. If you do score a pair, you are promptly paid, and then the game continues as usual.

Who says multi-tasking isn’t an effective use of your time? Be extra productive and play RTG’s Perfect Pairs blackjack today!