RTG Face Up 21 Blackjack

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Forget all you think you know about the game of blackjack. RealTime Gaming’s Face Up 21 is rewriting the rulebook.

Of course, Face Up 21 can’t be called blackjack if it was entirely different. You can trust that a two-card 21 is still the name of the game (literally).

You can trust that the point values haven’t changed. The general goal of trying to beat the dealer without going over the value of 21 remains the same.

That being said, here’s the big change: There’s no “hole” card. When the cards are dealt, you see both of your cards AND both of the Dealer’s cards. Thus the name: Face Up 21.

Being able to see the Dealer’s full hand presents some unique rules and challenges. For instance, if the Dealer is forced to stand on his/her/its first two cards, the game will automatically hit your hand until you beat the Dealer or you bust out.

This makes sense because you know what point value you have to beat, and you have to continue to play the game until it ends one way or the other, either with your hand beating the Dealer’s or with your hand going above 21.

Another rule difference: The Dealer will stand on any hard 17 or more and on any soft 18 or more. The Dealer will hit on a hard 16 or less and on a soft 17 or less.

And another one: Blackjack pays even money in Face Up 21. Dealer, devil that he/she/it is, wins all ties.

Keep in mind-this game is played using European Rules, which means that you can only double down when your first two cards total 9, 10 or 11.

With just a few changes, Face Up 21 is an exciting twist on an old classic.

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