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    Play WildHeart for a little more excitement and to triple your chance for the big win, enjoy exciting triple play action in this poker game, based on Double Joker video poker machine.

    It may seem like a jungle out there, but you can be King of the Jungle with one good deal! The mechanism behind Slotland card games is the same as slots.

    WildHeart online video poker wagering.

    You get to play 3 hands of draw poker and can wager $.25, $.50, $1, $2, or $5 on each hand.

    In WildHeart video poker each hand uses its own 54 card deck which is comprised of a standard 52 card deck, in addition to 2 jokers or wild cards.

    WildHeart video poker winning lines must consist of two pairs or better, and the payouts range from 1x your bet all the way up to 800x your bet, that's $4,000!

    The normal payout for a royal flush without wilds in WildHeart video poker is 500x your bet, but is increased if your wager on that line is $2 or even $5. If you are lucky enough to hit a royal flush on a payline with a $2 line wager, the payout is $1500 and a whopping $4000 for a $5 wager!

    On top of these great payouts in WildHeart video poker, if you are betting $5 on all 3 lines and draw a royal flush, you will win the progressive jackpot!

    WildHeart online video poker hand rankings and payouts.

    Are as follows, ranked from the lowest payout to the largest:

    • Two pairs (example: JJKKA) – 1x.
    • 3 of a kind (JJJQK) – 2x.
    • Straight (A2345) – 3x.
    • Flush (Any 5 cards of the same suit) – 4x.
    • Full House (JJJQQ) – 5x.
    • 4 of a kind (AAAAK) – 8x.
    • Straight flush (A2345, all of the same suit) -25x.
    • 5 of a kind (AAAA + Joker) – 50x.
    • Wild Royal Flush (TJQK+Joker, all of the same suit) – 100x.
    • Natural Royal Flush (TJQKA, all of the same suit) – 500x for $.25,$.50,$1; 750x for $2, 800x for $5; Progressive win if you are wagering $5 on all 3 lines!

    It may seem like a jungle out there, but you can be King of the Jungle with one good deal!

    Enjoy playing WildHeart Video Poker by heading on over to Slotland online casino, today!